Where is HP Printer Ink Cartridge Secret Reset Button ?

Ink cartridges have always been complicated things to handle for many of you out there. Now, if someone asks you about an ink cartridge secret reset button in an HP printer, oops! It’s confusing. Isn’t it?

But before you think that it is as difficult to find a secret button as it sounds, wait a minute.

There is no rocket science in this work and some enlightenment is sufficient to help you understand everything.  

Where is the location of HP printer ink cartridge secret reset button location?

If you are getting an error even after refilling your HP ink cartridge then follow the below steps and watch the video presentation below to know the location of the HP printer secret reset button.

  • Step one is top remove the Ink Cartridge chip from your printer.
  • Check at the back there would be golden connectors.
  • Take a small piece of cello tape and the last point as shown in the video presentation has to be blocked.
  • Now carefully place the Ink Cartridge back once again
  • Now close the cap of the Ink Cartridge and the door of the printer.
  • Access the control panel of the printer and the error message would have gone.

Basically the last golden connecting point of HP ink cartridge has to be blocked. As this point is small and cannot be pressed easily by your hands or finger, you will need a cello tape. 

Also refer to the video once for more clarity:

HP Ink Level Reset Secret Button

How to use the HP Printer Ink Cartridge secret reset button?

After removing the HP Printer Color Ink Cartridge incase you locate the button then kindly Press and hold the button for 5 seconds and then release the same.

Now carefully place the Ink Cartridge back again and run a test to check if your printer will recognize the cartridge. It is advisable to print a sample page to check whether it has started working properly or not.

If the issue still exists, repeat the process with the reset button and it should fix the issue. 

How to trick a printer Ink Cartridge in HP?

Encountering the persistent message “Low ink levels. Replace ink cartridge” is a familiar frustration for many printer users.

Often, the printer insists that the identified ink cartridge is new, leading to a perplexing situation.

Finding a resolution can seem like an impossible puzzle. Fortunately, this article delves into numerous innovative tips, tricks, and workarounds that users have discovered to persuade HP printers to continue printing seamlessly, whether with new, used, or off-brand ink cartridges.

Explore these solutions to ensure uninterrupted printing on your HP printer.

Press the Reset Button

The secret reset button is a last-minute savior when it comes to fixing issues during a cartridge malfunction. Take a paperclip then press the secret reset button on the top of the ink cartridge and hold it for 5 seconds then release it. 

Disable Cartridge Protection

When you use a third-party cartridge, the issue may happen. It is because today most of the cartridges are set with protection so that they can be used only on that printer. 

Reboot the printer

Restarting a device is consistently the most effective solution to restore its functionality. Apply the same principle here;. the following are steps to reboot a printer. 

  • Remove all your printer original cartridges
  • Turn off the device and also unplug it from the wall
  • Now, put back the cartridges into the printing device.
  • Wait for 10-15 minutes to let the printer settle down.
  • Lastly, plug in back the printer from the wall and turn it on.

Check the Ink Cartridge

The easiest and the quickest step to do. But what do you check for? Check if you have removed all the plastic coverings. Check if the cartridge is installed adequately. That’s all. 

Replace the Ink Cartridge

Sometimes replacing the cartridges is the only solution you are left with. An ink cartridge with a crack on it. A cartridge kept too long in a hot or cold atmosphere, is another reason to place the new ones. 

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How to reset my HP Ink Cartridge ?

Completing this task is straightforward. Once you follow the quick and simple steps outlined below, you’ll grasp it effortlessly without assistance.

  • Begin by locating the chip, typically situated on the bottom or front of your ink cartridge; it is small in size.
  • Employ a paper clip by bending its leg to eject the ports in the tiny buttons.
  • Press the reset button, which is adjacent to the chip or on the top of the ink cartridge, for 10 seconds.

The process is swift and easy to comprehend, isn’t it? Give it a try, and after the initial attempt, you’ll be able to troubleshoot the issue without any guidance.

How to reset the ink level of the HP Deskjet 2700?

Follow the below mentioned to reset the ink level of the HP Deskjet 2700: 

First step is to switch ON your printer by powering it ON.

  • Now press and hold the Cancel and Wireless button for 3 seconds until the power light starts flashing.
  • Once you see the wireless light flashing it means printer has been reset and is now ready to connect.
  • If You still face any issues then the last step is to open the printer door sand remove the ink cartridge from the slot and place it back, do the process for a couple of times until the ink level is rest on the display panel of the HP Deskjet 2700.
  • At last print a test page to ensure the cartridge level system is rest.

Note – Once the ink levels reset, the light on the printer adjacent to the ink level lights will turn from red to green. 

I refilled my ink cartridge but the printer still says it is empty “ What should I do?

This problem usually happens when your printer is not able to recognize the refilled printer ink cartridge. But don’t worry, there are ways to fix this issue. 

  • Step one is to turn off the printer. 
  • Open the cartridge lid and take out the cartridges
  • Place an additional cartridge with a full ink level
  • Now turn on your printer and wait to let the device recognize the cartridge
  • Now turn off the printer again and remove the additional cartridge 
  • It is now time to insert the refilled cartridges 
  • Finally, turn on the printer and take a printout to check the functioning 

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Why my printer does not recognize a refilled ink cartridge?

With the solution to a problem, it is equally important to know about the cause of that problem. For various reasons, a printer may act like this and it is best if you know about them. 

Printers remember empty cartridges with codes and chips on them. So, it may be the HP error that causes you annoyance. 

Have you poured too much ink? Yes, that is also a reason why a printer is not able to recognize the cartridge. Always read the instructions in the manual.  

Dry or clogged cartridges are also to blame for the issue. Printers today are smart devices and they can never coordinate with a poorly maintained cartridge. 

All cartridges are not reusable. You may be using a cartridge that cannot be refilled and it is the disposable one. Such cartridges have an indication ‘intended for single use only’. 

How to reset the HP ink cartridge without a chip resetter? 

You may think that it sounds complicated but it is not because resetting an ink cartridge is always easy due to the availability of various ways. Doing it without a chip resetter is another one and quite simple to understand. 

First of all, understand what is a chip resetter? A chip resetter is a small device or tool that communicates to the cartridge chip to process its electronic setting. A chip resetter is usually used after re-inking a cartridge.

Sometimes the printer does not recognize the cartridge and for re-inking, the cartridges need to be removed from the printer. Thus, the chip resetter helps to function normally. 

Ways to reset the HP ink cartridge without a chip resetter are as follows – 

In different ways, you can bypass a chip in an ink cartridge mentioned below: 

  • Disable the ink or toner monitor 
  • Use auto-reset ink tanks in case your printer has them
  • Fit your HP printer with a new ink tank or chip. 
  • Use the printer model’s chip resetter. It restores empty chip to full. 

What is the process to reset ink cartridge HP 61?

Many people face problems while resetting the ink cartridge for HP 61. However, there are basic steps that do this task in a few minutes. Follow the process mentioned below:

  • Insert the cartridge that you have refilled, into the printer  
  • Now print an alignment page to let your printer recognize the alignment page
  • The printer can still read the previous ink levels
  • Remove and replace the cartridge from your HP printer without another old cartridge
  • Now print the alignment page again to help your printer recognize this cartridge
  • Replace the second cartridge again with the third cartridge and print the alignment page again. It is important because the printer remembers only the two cartridges and forgets the first one. 
  • Now insert the refilled cartridge into your printer. The printing device now will recognize the cartridge. 
  • Take out the cartridges again 
  • Put a tap on the contact squares that you see on the cartridge contacts 
  • Now insert the cartridge again into your HP printer again and once again print an alignment page. 
  • Now take out the cartridge and remove the tape applied on the left corner. It is not time to tape the corner on the top right side. 
  • Now put back the cartridge into the printer and print an alignment page
  • Once again, you need to take out the cartridge and reinsert them with no tapes to see whether the printer accepts or not. 

How can I reset the ink cartridge HP 63?

Another question that HP users ask a lot. Here is the simplest procedure that we have explained for you to grab the process instantly. 

  • Take out the ink cartridges from your printer 
  • Disconnect the power cord from the wall
  • Wait for 30 seconds
  • Connect the cord of the printer to the wall
  • When your printer shows a request for new ink cartridges, reinstall the cartridges. Job done!


You may be facing any ink cartridge problem in your HP printer, don’t forget they all can be handled. Here we have covered the most sought-after solutions for HP ink cartridges. If you have any other problem with this concern, kindly drop your message below in the box. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) 

Can you bypass the HP printer cartridge error?

Yes, you can but for that, you need to try a simple trick. Remove and then reinstall the cartridge 2 to 3 times. You need to do it until the cartridges sit properly in their slot.

How do I get around an incompatible HP ink cartridge?

Remove all the cartridges from your HP printer
Now place the incompatible cartridge into the printer
Power off the printer and unplug the power cord from the wall. 
Wait for 10-15 minutes
Plug in the power button again and turn on the printer 

How can I bypass expired HP ink cartridges?

Press the power button and hold for a few seconds, at the same time, press the resume button for three times. After some time, you can see that the resume light will stop blinking also the cartridge light turns off automatically. 

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