Solving HP Printer Cartridge Errors Made Easy! (2024 Update)

A printer is completely paralyze if its ink cartridge is in error. However, it is not a complicated issue and can be resolve in a few minutes. There can be several reasons if you are receiving HP Printer Cartridge Error.

And we have a solution for you.

Do you know, there’s no problem too large, as there’s always a solution for every challenge. Nowadays, devices are deliberately designed to be user-friendly, and even in seemingly impossible situations, troubleshooting is still possible.

Let us all discuss all types of cartridge errors one by one and find solutions so that you can easily handle the problem if it happens next time.   

How to Bypass HP Printer Cartridge Error ?

You may be facing HP Printer Cartridge error due to many issues however we have given some of the most prominent reasons to as why one is facing HP printer Cartridge error.

So kindly follow below steps to solve the issue:

  • The first step is to switch off your Printer model and detach its power cord.
  • Second step is to carefully open the cover and remove the HP Cartridge.
  • Now with a clean lint-free cloth gently clean the Cartridge from both the ends.
  • Reinstall the Cartridge carefully by putting it back.
  • Reattach the power cord and Switch ON the power button and Turn On the printer to check if error message still persists.

By following above pointers in most of the cases the HP Printer Cartridge Error would disappear itself easily.

What is a Printer Cartridge error?

A printer cartridge error causes when a printer is not able to recognize the ink cartridges installed in it. The issue can be resolve easily by applying some simple tactics.

So if you are wondering “How to bypass HP printer cartridge error” kindly read further and you will find the solution easily.

What are the causes of HP printer cartridge error?

Well, there are many reasons behind it and any one of them may relate to your HP printer if you face the cartridge error issue. 

Damaged or dirty contacts of the cartridge chip 

If you do not clean the printer regularly then this is the most common cause of the cartridge error that happens with the people. Make sure to remove the dirt from the contacts now and then. Just like we reset our printers and other systems regularly, it is equally important to take care of the cleaning of printing devices. Dirt and dust can easily cause a blockage preventing the smooth flow of ink while printing. 

Internal memory needs to be reset 

You can make your printer recognize your printer memory if you reset the memory as this works like refreshing your budget. 

Follow the activity to reset HP Printer memory:

  • Remove the new cartridge and place the old one. 
  • Now replace the old cartridge and place the new cartridge. 
  • Remove the new cartridge again
  • Turn off the printer from the power button 
  • Unplug the printer 
  • Plug in back the printer 
  • Insert the new cartridge again 
  • Turn on the power button of your printer   

Disable HP cartridge protection

This condition normally arises while updating the firmware, at that time protection is enable.  It stops your cartridges from working properly. Don’t worry, it can be switch off. 

Follow the steps to disable HP cartridge protection on printer:

There are two easy steps to remove HP cartridge protection. Have a look – 

  • On internet-connected printers – Go to printer > settings > find printer’s i.p address. Write down the i.p address as you need to search it in a browser search bar to reach the printer configuration page. Now click on the settings options and disable the cartridge protection. 
  • Non-internet connect printers – Go to the control panel and then printers and devices, select your HP printer, search for the cartridge protection tab shown in the HP toolbox and then uncheck the cartridge protection.   

An ink cartridge placed incorrectly in its slot 

It’s a simple issue that has been caused by you only by mistake. If an ink cartridge is not placed properly in its slot, your HP printer will not recognize it and will cause this issue. Your printing device will display the error message, it’s better to check if the cartridges have been installed or not. 

If you are using toners, a broken plastic piece may cause a toner remove from its place. Open the printer slot and remove the plastic parts and place it properly. 

An incorrect ink cartridge installed in an incorrect slot 

Yes, this is also a common mistake because sometimes in hurry or sometimes due to ignorance, you may place the wrong ink cartridge into the wrong slot. Sometimes even bigger mistake happens when another maintenance or fuse item is purchased in place of a cartridge and it was installed without installing the toner. 

What is the solution? Take out all the cartridges and check if they all were installed in the right slots. Also, all the required color cartridges are present. 

Low ink level or empty ink cartridge 

Sometimes you get frustrated for a very funny reason. If your ink cartridge is empty or it is missing from the slot, how will your printer give a printout? It’s okay, you can avoid this issue with a little alertness while setting the printer. 

Your HP printer will show the error of empty or missing ink cartridges. Turn off your HP printer, open the cartridge slot and check for the ink levels and make sure they are present, that’s it. Close the cartridge carriage and turn on the printer again and you should be able to take the printout. 

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How to find the HP printer ink cartridge secret reset button? What is its use in fixing HP printer cartridge errors?

The secret reset button is a small-sized button located near the ink cartridges, as it’s quite small in size, you may miss it easily, that’s why it’s called a secret button. You can use the button or can press it using any small thing such as a paper clip or anything like that. This secret button is a simple way if you want to reset the ink levels. Press and hold the hp printer secret button for five seconds, as it resets your ink cartridges and now you know “How to bypass hp printer cartridge error“. 

Uses of a secret button – 

  • If your printer has insufficient ink, this secret button will show an orange light as an indication to replace your ink before the printing stops. 
  • If you press the reset button without replacing the cartridge even if it is empty, your hp printer restarts again giving you one more chance to place the new cartridge again. 
  • Secret button is use to refill the cartridge without buying a new one. Moreover, it is eco-friendly to use the button because it reduces your carbon footprint. 

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“HP blocking 3rd party cartridges in 2024” Why?

Yes, HP is blocking the use of 3rd party ink cartridges and it has several reasons to present for this action. Following are several relatable facts about why HP blocks third-party ink cartridges in 2024. 

What is 3rd party ink cartridge?

The ink cartridges that are not made by the HP company and are made by other cartridge manufacturers are called third-party ink cartridges. 

  • In 2016, HP company launched Dynamic Security rules that were a firmware update to prevent the ink toners and cartridges that do not have the HP chip. It was a step taken for security measures. 
  • The company agreed to pay compensation to the affected customers for not allowing third-party ink cartridges in hp printers. Unlike company-made cartridges, third-party cartridges are considered of low quality and to protect HP’s IP the company decided to block them.
  • Many people took it as a smart tactic played by the company to earn profit at that time as the industry was declining and was going through a hard phase. For this reason, HP agreed to settle the issue by paying a hefty amount of $1,350,000 which is around 1,351,147euros to the HP printer owners who were not aware that their printing device has been updated with the Dynamic Security rules. 

Why is my HP printer saying incompatible print cartridge?

The problem may have several causes, for this one we will discuss below the relatable causes and will also find the reasons and solutions for them. 

  • You may have placed the wrong cartridge in the wrong slot, open the slots and check it once. Place the right one in the correct slot and you are good to go. 
  • Sometimes the cartridge model number is different from the printer model number and thus it can immediately make your printer show the error of incompatible print cartridge. Also, check that the country/region should also be the same. 

“HP printer won’t recognize refilled ink cartridge” What to do?

By trying a simple process, you can easily make your printer recognize the refilled ink cartridge. Follow the following steps – 

  • Turn off your hp printer, wait for 30 seconds and then turn it on to re-initialize the printer. 
  • Now remove and then reinstall the ink cartridge and wait until you hear a click sound. 
  • It will be require to clean the contacts and chip on the cartridge. You can use an alcohol wipe for this purpose. 

Why HP printer won’t recognize refilled ink cartridges?

Because of following reasons HP printer does not recognize refilled ink cartridges:

  • You may have installed the cartridge incorrectly. 
  • You may be using a cartridge that is not design to be refill
  • You may be using a third-party cartridge that the HP company does not accept under the Dynamic Security introduced in 2016. 

Note – Not all cartridges can be refilled. There are four types of cartridges, 1) original cartridges, 2) refilled cartridges, 3) compatible cartridges, and 4) remanufactured cartridges

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How to bypass depleted ink cartridge on HP printer 9010?

A depleted ink cartridge issue happens in case of a low ink level. It happens to many of you out there but don’t worry, several solutions are available here and you must try them because it is really a piece of cake to handle it. 

  • You need to replace the depleted ink cartridge with the new one. 
  • Click hide and then tap on the top black bar shown on the printer screen. Now click on the icon ink drop to check all 4 cartridges. 

How to rectify “My HP printer says the ink is empty but it is not” ?

It is one of the most common issues to happen to hp printers but with several causes, it has several solutions as mentioned below. Any of the following conditions should match the reason that your hp printer is showing the message of empty ink. 

  • Dirty contacts are the most common issue behind this issue. Just clean it with cotton and you can start printing. 
  • You can also try to reset your printer because we know how important it is for machines to perform well and many issues happen in the lack of reset practice. 
  • You may have installed a faulty cartridge, just check your cartridges to make sure if everything is fine there. If you find one, replace it with the new one. 
  • You can also update the hp printer firmware because outdated firmware and software always cause a malfunction in a device. 
  • Improper installation of cartridges is a reason for many of the ink-related issues in the printers, so check if you have done this job right or not. 


As you can see so many issues may happen just due to a problem with one aspect which is the ink cartridge in HP printers.

But at the same time, you certainly have noticed that for every problem, a solution is also available.

We hope we have resolved your query “How to bypass HP printer cartridge error” try the given suggestions for your HP ink cartridge problem and still there is any confusion, the HP support team should always help you or you can comment down below and our team will get back to you.

Frequently Asked Question’s (FAQ’s) 

Why does my HP printer keep saying cartridge problem?

There can be more than one reason behind it such as – 
Dirty contacts that can be cleaned with cotton and it is good to go. 
May be your printer is not able to recognize the cartridge. Why not remove and reinstall it in the slot and that should work. 
May by the ink level is low and it is time to refill or replace the cartridge. 

Can I override HP printer ink cartridge empty?

Yes, you can with the help of the following steps – 
Go to the control panel on the printer. 
Press the menu button
Go to the service by using the left and right arrows on the printer 
Now go to restore defaults and press enter
The above steps should fix the problem. 

How can I override an ink cartridge error?

Remove the new ink cartridge from your HP printer and replace it with the old cartridge. 
Now, replace the old ink cartridge with the new cartridge again
Remove the new ink cartridge again 
Turn off the printer from the power button 
Unplug the printer plug from the wall 
Insert the printer’s plug back into the switchboard on the wall. 
Insert the new HP ink cartridge 
Now turn on the power button  

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