How to find WPS Pin for HP, Epson and Brother Printer?

What is WPS PIN? WPS pin (personal identification number) is an essential element of printers. It enables you to connect the printer to other devices without connecting a wire.

However, it is always a task for many people to find the WPS pin on their printers.

If you are also struggling with this confusion, let us clarify that it is quite simple and understandable.

This blog is a revelation of all your questions on how to find a WPS pin for a printer, irrespective of the type and model of your device.

How to find the WPS pin on the HP printer?

The understandable and straightforward process helps to find the WPS pin on HP printer and has a few understandable steps.

Take a glance at it; by the time you reach the last step, everything is clear effortlessly.

  • Firstly turn on your printer and restart it if it is already in use.
  • Secondly insert the pages to take the print
  • On the onboard printer control panel, find the key of the wifi icon, and just below that, you will see the (i) key that has an information symbol.
  • Press both the keys and hold them for 5 seconds, then leave them.
  • The printer will print the WPS pin on the paper. Don’t forget the pin is valid for 2 minutes.
  • Now you can use the pin to connect to a wireless network or device.

How to find the WPS pin using the HP smart app?

Yes, many of you have the HP smart app on your mobile phones, and the same can be used to find the personal identification number.

To find the pin, you can use anything, tablet/iPad/Smartphone, to follow the process in this method.

  • Firstly turn on the printer, and to enable the wireless key, press the WiFi key.
  • In this method as well, keep the papers inserted already in the printer to take the pin print.
  • Now, go to the app store or the play store on your mobile (if the app is not installed already)
  • Type ‘hp smart app’ and download, accept the terms, and complete the installation
  • Open the WiFi settings on your phone and connect to the printer through WiFi direct
  • Open the hp smart app when your mobile is connected to the printer.
  • Now go to the printer settings option
  • You will see the option ‘Reports.’ Click on it.
  • Next step, select the option of ‘network configuration report.
  • Finally, the printer will give a printout of the WPS pin; it will have the network configuration report.

From where can I bypass the WPS pin on an HP printer?

Yes, you may need guidance on this as well, and the procedure is relatively uncomplicated and instant, and it completes in a blink of an eye. 

  • Click on the name of the printer.
  • Now select and click on Options and Supplies.
  • Click on the Utility option, then select and click Open Printer Utility
  • In the HP utility, choose Wireless Setup.
  • When the network shows Confirm Wireless Settings window
  • At last click on Continue, and your wireless configuration will complete

How to find the WPS pin on the Epson printer?

Your printer brand should not be a hurdle in finding the WPS pin. The reason is every brand wants to make its device more and more user-friendly, with all options and buttons placed at a noticeable spot on the printer.

Epson, another famous brand, also has a straightforward process, and you can quickly get your answer on ‘how to find WPS in an Epson printer.’

The steps mentioned below can be used for any model of Epson printer.

  • Firstly turn on the printer.
  • Secondly check the display panel on the front of the printer will show several options.
  • Go to the ‘settings/Set up’ option and press the button to select it.
  • You will see several options; among them, choose the ‘network settings’ option.
  • Here you will see more options, but you need to select ‘Wi-Fi Setup.’
  • Now you will see ‘PIN Code Set Up (WPS)’; select it through the press button
  • The printer will show the temporary WPS Pin, which is valid for 2 minutes.

Where to find the 8-digit pin from the router label Epson printer?

Again a predictably easy process that you can complete while playing with kids and even making your breakfast.

Have a look –

  • While your printer is in wireless mode, follow the following process –
  • Select Settings
  • Go to Network Setup with the help of the select button.
  • Now choose and select Wi-Fi-protected Setup.
  • At last select the WPS PIN option, and the 8-digit PIN will show on your printer screen.

How to find WPS Pin on Brother Printer?

Here is another printer brand that is ubiquitously known for its performance and efficiency.

But here as well, the concern is the same, ‘how to find the WPS pin on my brother printer?’

No issues; take a look at the steps below, and you will understand how things work in a few moments.

  • Connect the printer to a power outlet and turn it on.  
  • Select the menu option on the control panel and press the button
  • Now press the arrow button downwards and choose a network you wish to connect and press OK
  • Press the same button to select WLAN, and finally, press the OK button.
  • Again, press the arrow in the downward direction and choose the WPS Pin and press OK.
  • The display screen will show an 8-digit PIN, which is valid for 5 minutes, and the device will keep searching for an access point or other network for the same duration.

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We have covered the most popular printers in this blog to help you find the WPS pin in any of these. HP, Epson, and Brother printers are the most widely used devices for printing purposes. Thanks to technology today, we have unconventional versions that can collaborate well with wireless technology.

You have read the steps above for finding the WPS pin for every printer brand; without taking any time can now do the task without any external or professional help. Whether it is for domestic use or commercial use, the process will be the same.


How to find WPS Pin for HP Deskjet 2700?

It is quite an easy process; take a look –
·         Turn on the printer, then go to the control panel on the left side of the printing bed.
·         Now hold the ‘Wi-Fi’ and ‘Information’ button altogether until it gives a command to the device to give a print.
·         After the command is sent to the printer, release the buttons, and the printer will give a print on the paper, which will have the WPS Pin.

How can I connect the Epson printer without the WPS button?

Press and hold the Wi-Fi and Info button at the same time and hold it for 7 seconds. It enables ‘Wi-Fi direct mode’ on your printer. After 7 seconds, release the buttons, and the device will print the WPS pin.

Are WPS Pin and Wireless password similar?

No, both are entirely different. The WPS connects a device through the WPS standard. On the other hand, to connect to the wireless network through the WLAN set-up guide, you need to enter the network password.

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