How To Send Fax from Printer or Computer ?

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We have provided the very basic steps/ideas on how to send fax from printer and your windows device.

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The ability to send and receive faxes from your printer is available that are fax-enabled printers which depends on the printer model. Most multifunction printers have “fax” buttons sitting next to the scanner.

However you can check for the landline phone plug for a corded connection. Also you can easily send FAX using your MAC as well.

Does Your Printer Support Faxing?

To send documents, a printer is required with fax capabilities and a wireless network card, thus you must first check to see if your printer model has the capabilities to send documents. And if you don’t have a printer all thanks to technology where you don’t need a dedicated fax machine.

“Fax” buttons are typically located next to the scanner on multifunction printers. You can also see if your printer has a built-in phone jack that enables you to connect a landline to it.

Once connected you can start sending and receiving faxes.

You can use a kit to give your multifunction printer fax capabilities if it doesn’t already have them.

You can use the print driver or document feeder to send documents if your printer offers such features.

To find out if this is supported, consult the product manual for your printer.

If so, get in touch with a supplier of office supplies and ask for a compatible kit.

How to send fax using my Printer ?

You can send the FAX using your multi-function printer to another FAX machine using either of the two ways:

Using the feeder to Send the FAX

Send FAX using the print driver

Also you need to make sure that the Fax driver is installed and running on your system.

Let us find out how we can do the same.

How to use the feeder to forward the FAX?

Depending on your multifunctional printer model and most comfortable method once a fax feature is present on the printer control panel all you have to do is to use your printer like a standard machine, that is:

  • Insert your fax file into the feeder.
  • Enter the recipient’s fax number using printer control panel.
  • Then press the “Send” button. (Machine will start the scanning process)
  • Make sure to collect your original document.

The moment your printer establish a connection with a receiving machine, your document is sent.

Additionally before sending the fax you can check the fax settings and preferences in case if you want to make any further adjustments.

Normally, you’ll receive a confirmation message with all the information.

Most of the printers have that have fax capability are also able to receive and print the incoming faxes.


If receiver doesn’t receive the fax ask him to check his fax settings once.

How to forward a FAX using a printer driver?

Your printer machine may potentially be able to forward document from its print dialog box in addition to the feeder. It is essential to have a wireless network card installed.

You will have to open the document in any program like Word.

  • Press Ctrl + P (Print Dialog Box) on the file uisng keyboard to open the print window.
  • Now select FAX instead of the printer name. In this step we want to make sure that we are not printing any page instead we will use the FAX option.
  • Enter the recipients number where you want to send the FAX and make sure it is of 10 digits.
  • At last click on the Send option.

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How to forward FAX using Canon Printers?

It is very easy to send a document from Canon machine printer if it has fax feature enabled.

Follow below mentioned easy steps to send the document utilizing a Canon Printer.

  • Load the document feeder with the documents you want to fax i.e. you can use your scanner glass as well.
  • On your printer control panel, click the fax button, then type the recipient’s fax number.
  • The documents will be send in either color or black & white, depending on your preference. The document feeder will then scan and send your fax after that.
  • The receiver FAX machine would automatically print the incoming faxes.

Sending a document in fact from any printer is pretty simple these days. All you should have the receiver’s FAX number.

How can I forward FAX using my Brother printer?

To send a document from your Brother wireless fax-enabled printer kindly follow below points:

  • Check once you hear Dial Tone from your brother printer, in case there is no dial tone kindly check if the telephone line cord is properly connected to the printer. Dial tone is must
  • To send document from Automatic Document feeder or a flat glass scanner. Both the process are slightly different but involves the same process. Place paper on the automatic feeder or flat glass scanner.
  • Enter the FAX number of the recipient on the printer control panel and then press FAX Start.

Kindly note if you are unable to send the document then kindly follow the steps to troubleshoot your Brother Printer.

How to forward FAX using HP printer?

If your HP printer has FAX capabilities then kindly follow the below easy steps that will help you to send FAX from your regular printer:

  • Switch ON your printer machine and make sure it is ready to FAX. You need to check that the telephone cord is connected to the back of the printer.
  • You need to use Fax Setup Wizard in windows server device to check how would your Fax appear to the receiver. You will need to type text into the fax header with your contact list. Also follow the onscreen instructions to complete the settings.
  • You can either use the load tray or scan the document from the flatbed scanning surface by accurately placing the document in specific face down position.
  • Before sending the fax if the recipient has the same no. for their fax line for home and office call them to let them know you are sending the fax. Else enter the fax number using printer control panel and press the fax send button.
  • Once the fax will be delivered you will receive a fax report so make sure that a paper tray is also loaded.

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How to send FAX from printer without using phone line?

We have a very straight answer to this question which is NO as with ought a connection of phone line service or telephone jack the same cannot be send.

As the device would scan the same but it cannot send the fax forward since there is no outward connection from the device.

However, you will be glad to know that you can send fax from your computer or a mobile device easily in the absence of a phone line as you can use a wireless printer that works over Wi-Fi or a mobile cellular network.

For the same kindly read on further.

How to forward FAX using printer to Email?

If you are searching for the answer across internet and are not able to find a particular answer to the question is because you need to check the capability of the printer to send the fax on mail.

Some high level business machine or multifunction printers have an option to scan the document directly to mail and send the document as an attachment mostly PDF or JPG.

If your device has the capability to send the email from fax then kindly do so however you will have to connect the device to a wireless connection to send the mail.

Another way to do the same easily is to scan the FAX using scanner glass and save it to your laptop or desktop and then utilize the email feature

How to forward FAX using my computer?

To send fax from your computer online you can check Cocofax an online fax service where you don’t need a physical fax machine.

This is a wonderful online process where in the absence of a printer or FAX device you can still send the FAX to the recipient.

Moreover you can get a free fax number. Just follow the process which is walkthrough and easy to understand.

You can easily check and buy Cocofax plans. Once opened click on Pricing and select the plan you like.

Cocofax is an amazing online tool for business, small working firms and freelancer’s to send fax by email.

Some of the most prominent features of Cocofax are:

Google Fax: You can directly start faxing from Gmail, Google Drive, Docs and excel sheets online.

Email to Fax: The best feature where you can send Fax directly from your mail service i.e Gmail or Yahoo.

Fax Online Anywhere with Any e-Device: You can just imagine the convenience where you can send and receive faxes anywhere with any e-Device such as your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Free Fax Number: You can get a free fax number even if you use it on occasional basis with no credits required and can fax unto 10 pages for 24 hours.

How to forward FAX from Gmail?

If you already know how to use a regular fax machine then it is should be easy and Yes you can send FAX from your Gmail account in following ways.

Since you don’t need standalone fax machine, you can still send the fax.

I have personally recommended this service to my friends and relatives and they are happy to use the services.

  • The first step is to sign up on FAX.Plus (faxing service). It is advisable to use the same Gmail for Signup purpose.
  • Now open your Gmail account and click Compose.
  • To send the FAX in the To field enter the recipient’s FAX number followed by [For example if the recipient’s FAX number is something like [email protected]].
  • You can now attach the document which you want to send the same as FAX from your Gmail account.
  • Enter any note on the Gmail body like an optional cover page and the subject of the mail as optional.
  • Finally click on the Send button and wait for a delivery confirmation in your mail account.
  • The delivery confirmation would be in your inbox within seconds.

How to forward FAX from Phone?

Fax machine absent? No issue.

You can transmit faxes from your mobile device and replace that equipment with your multi-tool of a smartphone. However your cellular Network has to be strong.

One of the best tools you might have for working while travelling is your smartphone.

It is a mobile office, complete with a scanner and faxing machine.

You might use your camera phone to take a picture of a document and transmit it to a faxing machine from a mobile fax app for those odd times when sending a document via mail or text message won’t do.

There are multiple apps you can use however the tried and tested app to send FAX from your phone is Files Anywhere (faxing app).

Files Anywhere is a secured cloud platform to store, share and collaborate your company data all in the process maintaining industry regulatory compliance.

On top of it you can send FAX too from your phone. It is a very simple process where you will have to upload the file of your phone to Files Anywhere and select the option to fax it from remote files.

You will have to enter the recipient’s information , sender’s information and enter a number and press FAX.

You will also receive post a successful confirmation of the delivery of fax via mail.

Initially you can start with the trial plan which gives a single user 1 GB of storage and 10 free outbound faxes.

How to forward FAX from iPhone?

You don’t need a multifunctional printer with faxing capability to send FAX these days, you can send faxes via email so kindly follow below mentioned points to send FAX using iPhone.

  • The first step is to download and install third party app called FAX.Plus from your iPhone.
  • Login with your Gmail account to register for free.
  • Navigate to Send Fax button and type the recipient’s fax number on the To field.
  • Also use Add File and Add Text buttons to attach documents and if required a cover page in your Fax.
  • Click on the Send button and your Fax will be sent immediately.

Kindly note if you want to send the fax from your Android device you can follow the same steps as mentioned above.


In today’s world, fax may seem obsolete. It’s an old-school technology, and many people consider it irrelevant to the modern world. However, there are actually still plenty of reasons to send a fax. Faxing might not be appropriate for every situation, but we should never regret sending a fax if the situation calls for it.

Do you have any stories about utilizing your printer for faxing? You can share your experiences in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions’ (FAQ’s)

How do I scan and fax from my printer?

Add the Document to the feeder and once it is scanned open the fax option from the display of the printer. Enter the number and send the fax.

Can I send fax from my printer?

You can send the fax from your printer if the printer is fax enabled.

How can I setup fax on my printer?

·         Unplug any telephone devices or network equipment from the phone jack where printer will be connected.
·         Now plug in a phone line splitter into the phone jack.
·         Plug one end of a phone cord into one of the ports on the phone line splitter and the other end on the DSL modem.
·         On the unused port of the splitter plug a DSL filter.
·         Plug one end of another phone cord into the open port of the DSL filter and the other end of the cord to the 1-line port on the rear of the printer.
·         From the DSL model plug one end of another phone cord into the 2-EXT port on the rear of the printer.

Can I use fax without phone line?

Yes, surely you can there are some wonderful services online that allow you to send fax withought phone line like Cocofax and Fax.Plus

Can I fax from Gmail?

Yes, you can send fax from your Gmail after installing Online Fax from Google Workspace Marketplace.

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