HP Office jet Pro 6968 Full Feature Setup Step by Step Tutorial

HP Officejet Pro 6968 is one of the most selling products of HP, this is a micro business color printing device. This device can be used for copying, scanning, fax and wireless printing purposes.

In addition, the other useful features are double sided duplex printing, color touchscreen, automatic feeder, instant ink refill system and so on.

Consumers can easily operate the same using any accessible devices like smartphone, tablet, notebook or PC since it offers convenient mobile printing options too.

The most preferred usability is for home or small office where monthly printing cycle up is about 20,000 pages.

Users can print A4, Letter, 5×7 inch, legal, 4R, etc. with HP Office jet Pro 6968. 

Here, we have provided information about HP Office jet Pro 6968; moreover, we have also provided solutions of the issues, which are related to HP Office jet Pro 6968.

How to install HP Office jet Pro 6968 to my PC?

If you are finding ways to install HP Officejet to your PC; however, you have missed the drive, which comes with the device.

This tutorial will help you in installing HP OfficeJet with or without CD drive.

  • Power on your device and connect to your PC with USB wire.
  • Now, Open chrome or any other search engine and type 123.hp/setup.com.
  • Download the software and install it on your device.
  • Once, the screen shows the notification, follow the guideline and click “Confirm”.

How to connect an HP Office jet with my Android Phone?

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Yes, users can connect their HP Officejet 6968 with Android Phone through an available application, which is supported on Android 5.0 or later smartphones.

Here, we have provided detailed steps and requirements that would help you in printing with your Android phone.

Steps to Print on HP Office Jet Pro from Android Phone:-

  • Download and install “HP Print Service Plugin” application from Play store.
  • Open the application and reassure that your phone is in connect with the same network as your printing device.
  • Now click on the three dots and then “Settings”.
  • Now, Click on the “Discovery” option available in the menu.
  • Here, you will see printing device that are available in your location. 
  • You can also add printer using Manage Added Printersand Click “+” .
  • Now, click Directly to the Printer”.
  • Click on the device that you want to add.

How to install ink cartridges in HP Office jet pro 6968?

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The users can easily install HP Officejet ink cartridge by following the below instructions: 

Kindly note, do not switch off while performing the instruction as it may ruin your printing experience:-

  • Firstly Power on the printing device.
  • Secondly open the cartridge access door by the right side.
  • Wait until the cartridge stops in its particular state.
  • Now, push the cartridge from a finger, which needs to be replaced.
  • Pull it straight-out from the device and keep it aside.
  • Now, open the new ink cartridge to install remove packing, and peel the plastic cover by pulling up from the “Pull” written label.
  • Once you unwrap the cartridge, twist the orange cap in the counter clockwise (From left to the right direction), which is placed in the bottom.

Note: Do not touch copper color plate and ink port as it may result in clogs, ink failure and bad electrical connection.

  • Now, match the colour label with the cartridge label in the device and push the cartridge down until it fixes to its place. 

Note: K label is for black colour, Y label is for Yellow colour, C label is for Cyan (Aqua Blue) colour and M for Magenta (Pink) colour.

  • Shut the cartridge access door and check for printing device display message.

What ink does HP Officejet use?

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HP Officejet Pro 6968 ink number is HP 902 and HP 902 XL. The user can purchase and refill HP 902 and HP 902 XL for HP Officejet Pro 6968. 

HP 902 is regular size of ink cartridge that can print up to 315 pages; however, HP 902 XL ink cartridge yield approximately 825 pages.

You can check the price from Amazon and invest on the same. Also read the reviews before buying the HP Office jet cartridge.

How to connect HP Officejet to Wi-Fi? (Wireless Setup)

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HP Officejet is a wireless device that can work with Wi-Fi; moreover, it has touchscreen feature from which user can adjust the printer setting, to set up or connect Wi-Fi you will have to use touchscreen.

  • Firstly power on your printing device and click on the “Display Settings” option available at the top right of the printer’s screen.
  • Now, re-click on the “Settings” option and scroll down, click on the “Network setup”.
  • Click on the “Wireless Settings” option.
  • Now, toggle the button “On/Off” button placed before “Wireless Settings”.
  • Now, hit “Wireless Setup Wizard
  • Here, the device will search for available networks.
  • Now, select the network you want to connect with the printer like “Example: Wi-Fi-1”.
  • Enter the password of the Wi-Fi network.
  • Lastly you will be redirect to the Confirmation page, hit “OK”.
Video Presentation of HP Jet Pro Wireless Setup

Why my HP Office Jet not connecting to my WiFi?(Troubleshooting)

If you are trying to connect Wi-Fi with HP Office inkjet Pro 6968 with the same above instructions; although, failing to connect then you must try the below solutions.

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Restart your Printer and try again

If you are unable to connect with Wi-Fi then you must restart your device since sometimes printing devices are not able to fetch network and fails to connect the network; therefore, it is better to turn off and turn on your device to reconnect.

Restart your Wi-Fi router

Many times, slow internet speed gets you stuck in these problems.

Therefore, you should check for the internet connection or you could also restart your Wi-Fi router for better performance.

Connect with a different router

If you would not get the result after restarting your device and router then try to switch over other available internet connections.

Since the internet device is not supporting your printing device category at this moment or the router is bearing an overload of the connected channels; that is why it is failing to connect with your device.

Reset your device settings

If the printing device was working well; although, not working since you made a change in your desktop; therefore, you would have reset your device settings.

Most of the wireless issues are resolved on its own however after trying the troubleshooting steps as listed above your problem will easily be solved.

Why is my HP Officejet printing blank pages?

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There are several factors that can create issues of printing blank pages, which can be categorized into given sub-sections.

Re-use after long time:-

If your device is in idle mode for a long time then this would be the factor of printing blank pages.

Since your device has not been used for a longer duration than the ink residue on the print head of the machine and that can get dry which makes this issue. Once the printhead is clogged then you would not print a paper, which result to blank page print.

If you are thinking that you are using your machine after a long interval; therefore, you should start with a head cleaning module, which can be done through in-built software.

However, we have provided detailed steps that would help you in performing yourself.

Steps to run Clean Printhead:-

  • Firstly start printer and touch “Settings” into the display.
  • Secondly under the Setup menu click on the “Printer Maintenance” option.
  • Now, Click on “Clean Print head
  • When you are notified about pages and relevant to “Clean Print head” click Confirm.

Steps for Cartridge Manual Cleaning:-

We recommend user to clean cartridge manually after running clean print head option by following the below instructions:-

  • Open Cartridge access door
  • Wait until the cartridge get stop to its particular state.
  • Now, push the cartridge from a finger.
  • Pull it straight-out from the device and clean the copper color part with soft tissue paper.

Corrupt Drivers:-

Still, if the device is printing blank pages; however, you have used Clean Print head option then you there is a problem with the drivers or software update. So, check for Software update after reinstalling your device.

Steps to Update Drivers and Software:-

Follow the steps to Update driver of your device.

  • Power on the printer and click on the “Display Settings” option available at the top right of the printer’s screen.
  • Go to your printer screen, scroll down and click on the “Settings” option.
  • Again scroll down and click on “Printer Maintenance”.
  • Now, scroll down and click on the “Update” option.

Out of Ink:-

Yes, this is one of the major factor when the user is not able to print pages that can meet their requirement. Therefore, you should look after for ink notification at regular interval; if your device is vanished of Ink, then printer will print blank pages.

How to reset HP Office jet pro?

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Have you made changes in HP Office inkjet Pro 6968 and now not able to recall it in previous mode? Do not worry and just follow the instructions that would help you in resetting your device.

Steps to reset HP Office jet Pro:-

Follow the steps to restore Factory defaults settings.

  • Go to your printer screen, scroll down and click on the “Settings” option.
  • Again scroll down and click on “Printer Maintenance”.
  • Scroll all the way down and hit the “Restore” option.
  • Now, click on “Restore Factory Defaults”.
  • Click Continue.

Warning Note:-All Configured settings in the inkjet printer will be deleted and the original factory settings will be restored. This includes the administrator password for the embedded web server (EWS) Address book entries for scan and Phone Book.

Fore more technical help on products kindly visit ThePrinterFix.com

What are the Pros and Cons of HP Office Jet Pro?

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Before using Best Buy or Amazon to buy the device have a look below and then invest.



Touch Sensitive

One of the best features of this printer is that it has touch sensitive features that help users to fix and do all setup within the printer only I.e. Reset, Printer maintenance, Driver update and so on.

Low Volume Printing

Printer has been designed for micro-business; therefore, users cannot use this for high volume printing.

Enclosed Tray 

The best part of the printer it that paper input tray is in the front of the printer. That is actually pretty space savings

Non-Compact Storage

This printer is medium in size that is suitable for micro-business; however, may not be suitable for very cramped compact storage. 

Wireless printing

Users can set it anywhere without thinking about wire and connection after installation with the device since it is fully compatible with the internet.

Supports A4 size for Scanning only

The printer support A4 size scanning which is only helpful for a home use or a school project; although, if you want to scan any legal copy or other format paper then you will have to use another printer or have to service for that.


Cloud Printing

This print support cloud printing feature; therefore users can print using Google Cloud Print or Apple Airprint application.

Jams Easily

It is easy for most printers to get jammed however with HP Jet Pro 6968 it is very tedious since paper jamming happens frequently.

Automatic Document Feeder

Yes, this printer has an Automatic Document Feeder feature that automatically feeds up to 35 sheets.

Rivals Offer Better Value

The very rivals of the printer offer better value for money proposition.

High Quality Printing

Printers are tested through their printing quality and we have found high quality printing features in this printer. 

High Running Cost

HP Jet Pro 6968 also has moderately high running cost if compared with the rivals in the same price range.

There are many wonderful features of the HP Office Jet Pro 6968 printer.

For an entry-level pricing, it provides good print quality, affordable printing, competitive speeds, and ADF printing technology. Nevertheless, there are more effective and quick versions of it available on the market.

HP Office Het Pro 6968 Review


How to Clean Printhead on HP Office Jet Pro 6968? 

To Clean Print head of the Printer you can follow the below guidelines.
Power on the printer> Settings> Printer Maintenance> Clean Print Head>Continue.

Does HP Office Jet pro 6968 has Wi-Fi option?

Yes, users can print using the Wi-Fi option; moreover, users can also print from Google Cloud Print and Apple AirPrint.

How to install HP Office Jet Pro 6968 on PC?

Download the installation package from hp123.com and install it on the computer then find your printer and connect with your PC.

How to reset HP Office jet Pro 6968 printer?

Follow the steps to restore Factory defaults settings.
Go to your printer screen, scroll down and click on the “Settings” option.
Again scroll down and click on “Printer Maintenance”.
Scroll all the way down and hit the “Restore” option.
Now, click on “Restore Factory Defaults”.

Which ink should I refill for HP Office Jet Pro 6968?

HP Officejet Pro 6968 ink number is HP 902 and HP 902 XL. The user can purchase and refill HP 902 and HP 902 XL for HP Officejet Pro 6968. 

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