How to Reset HP printer to factory settings without any passwords

If you find your windows computer is having trouble trying to connect to the printer and you’re getting this message:

“The HP printer is off-line or inaccessible”

Please follow the following steps on how to reset your HP printer.

I have reset my HP printer easily after following the below mentioned steps, so follow the article or you can use table of contents to scroll to a particular section of the blog easily.

How to reset HP printer to factory settings?

To reset HP printer to default settings you can follow either of the process as mentioned below.

Reset Printer Using Software

HP printer’s connected with a direct network connection generally include a built in web server that lets you control the printer using the internet browser on the network.

  • Open your web browser on your windows device (can be Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Firefox) and enter the IP address to open the printer’s settings. Example-
  • Login with HP printer’s administrator user name and password.
  • Under General tab select the option Reset Factory Settings.
  • Now under Reset Settings  option click Reset.

These steps will 100% work for you, incase if you face issues then under the same page of Reset Factory Settings click on Reset Firmware.

The HP printer will now restart, you need to set the date and time manually once and follow the onscreen instructions.

Reset Printer Using Hardware

In case you are directly looking for a Reset button on your HP printer kindly hold on and follow these steps below and you will be glad as they are very simple.

  • Firstly, turn your device off and disconnect the power cable from the back and let it rest for 30 seconds and then reconnect.
  • Now press and hold the Resume button for 10-20 seconds and turn the product ON, you will see the attention light turns ON.
  • You can now release the resume button and see the product resets to factory reset.

Note: These steps will work with most of the HP Printer. In case you are still facing issues to reset your printer we recommend you to get in touch with the customer care representative.

How to Reset HP Printer 2600?

In order to reset your HP printer 2600 kindly follow below mentioned steps:

  • Switch ON your device by pressing the Power button.
  • Now simultaneously press and hold the Power and Cancel button for 5 seconds.
  • Release the Cancel button first and then the Power button.
  • Printer will send a command to the printer for a dummy print, and you will see the printer will reset itself.

How to Reset HP Printer 3700?

To reset your HP printer 3700 kindly follow below mentioned steps:

  • Power on your device by pressing the power ON button and load the paper on the paper tray.
  • Press and hold both Power and Cancel button together for 5 seconds and release the cancel button first then power button.
  • Pinter will send a command for a dummy print once you see the print your printer is Reset.

How to Reset HP Printer WiFi password?

The default WiFi password of your HP printer can be 12345678 in case you have not changed the same however if that doesn’t work alternatively you can follow the below two options which will help you to reset the WiFi password of your device.

  • Print Network Configuration Page to see Password

By pressing the wireless button and the start copy black button from the main control panel of the device, you will see your HP printer printing the default network configurations such as network status, network name, hostname etc. From here you can see your password and write the same.

  • Restore Network Settings

By pressing the Wireless and Cancel button at the same time for 5 seconds it will reset the network settings to default mode there by you can start the configuration again.

How to Reset HP printer WiFi?

Kindly follow your device type as mentioned below to reset :

Touch Screen Printer

Open the wireless or setup menu and select Restore Network Settings.

Inkjet , Lazerns and Neverstop Printer

Press and hold the Wireless and Cancel button until the power button flashes. The wireless button will flash when your HP printer is ready

Lazerjet Printer

Press and hold the Wireless button until the attention light flashes, wait for the wireless button to flash.

Envy, Deskjet Plus or Tango Printer

At the back of your HP printer press and hold the Wireless button for 5 seconds until the status light flashes.

This way you can reset your device easily. Alternatively you can also watch the below video presentation to learn about the process visually:

How to Reset HP printer without the screen?

I have given the steps of resetting the device that does not has a touch screen.

I have tried these steps on many HP printer without the screen and have been successful on the reset.

So kindly follow below mentioned points:

Inkjet and Ink Tank Printer without Touchscreen:

  • Switch ON your HP printer and press and release the Cancel button to wake the printer.
  • Now printer in the ready state press and hold the Cancel and Wireless buttons at the same time for five seconds
  • The default wireless settings are now enabled, printer will be placed on the setup mode now when the power button and blue wireless light starts blinking.

Kindly note that within two hours you need to return to the app or software to find and add your printer to complete the setup.

LaserJet Printer without a Touchscreen:

  • Press the Cancel button on the panel to make sure your HP printer is ready.
  • Now press and hold the Wireless button till you see attention light on the panel.
  • You will have to wait for at least 60 seconds till the Wireless light blinks blue.
  • This process should be done within two hours from the app or the software to add the printer back and completion of the setup.

To reset HP Printers you need to follow a simple course of action, you should be aware of your printer name and model to continue with.

How do I Restore my HP printer to factory settings without password?

First you need to check your HP printer model. Then only you can reset to default settings.

For most of the HP printer’s the default password is i.e. written at the back of the printer or you can try 12345678.

If any option works, then you can start performing the default reset. The reset steps remain the same as mentioned in the blog, kindly follow the steps.

Steps to reset your HP printer will be mostly the same. Meanwhile you can also download your Printer’s manual from here.

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In this post, we have shed light on how to restore your HP printer in the most simplest way. You can also use a windows device or mac to perform the resetting option

In case your Printer is asking entry of password and you are already struggling to reset it, try our methods and counter it with easy steps.


Do HP printers have a reset button?

Some of the HP printers at the back have reset button. However, you can also Reset from HP mobile app.

How can I fix the orange light on my HP printer?

Understand if the orange light blinks continuously then there is something not right with the printer. Mostly issues with cartridges, toner, paper tray empty paper jam could be the reasons. Try to check the printer panel for any error code.

Why is my HP printer not printing?

The foremost thing to check is the Power supply from the power socket and at the back of the printer. Second check the configuration and settings. If these two are not in place printer won’t print.

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