Brother Printer Not Printing? Working Steps To Resolve It

Let’s face it mostly all of us have faced the situation where Brother printer not printing has scratched our heads.

Not to worry all your troubles regarding the issue’s you are facing will end after reading the blog as we have answered most frequent issues related to Brother Printer in below blog.

Why my Brother Printer not connecting to WiFi?

In case you are wondering why your printer is not connecting to Wi-Fi and you are looking for the reasons that cause your problem. Hold on we have mentioned the top possible reasons kindly go through the same and check for results.

  1. Check the Power of the connected devices i.e. router and printer.
  2. Make sure that the printer is not more than 100 meters far from the router. Nor it can be too close as it would interfere the signals.
  3. Another major reason of Printer not connecting to Wi-Fi is incorrect wireless password.
  4. If everything’s correct at your end check and update the Software and Firmware of the devices involved.

These are the most common reasons to as why a device does not connect to the Wi-Fi network. Also in case your brother printer does not connect to PC or MAC these would be the reasons for the same.

Pro Tip: Try connecting your mobile device or your other available handy device to the same Wi-Fi network and if those are connecting trouble free then the only thing that you need to look is at your Printer.

Why my Brother Printer connected to WiFi is not printing?

The most common reason why a device connected to Wi-Fi may stop printing because the connection between the device and the printer is lost. This may result due to recent change in settings of the Printer or configuration of the device from where the print option is executed.

We have laid down the most common reasons to as why your Brother Printer connected to Wi-Fi is not printing:

Make sure your Printer display screen has no errors

Errors mostly related to Paper Jam or the ink has depleted. There may be any Software or hardware error which will be on the display. For more help related to display error kindly refer to basic user guide.

Check Printer is default for the device

To check the same, you need to follow very basic process with any printer installed connected but not printing.

       For Windows:

  1. Click Start.
  2. Write “Control Panel” on the search box.
  3. Now open “Devices and printers”. If a green tick is not displayed like in the image below then right click on your Brother’s Machine icon and select “Set as default printer
brother printer not printing
brother printer connected to wifi not printing

Check your Printer machine’s status

To check your printer machine’s status again follow the 2nd point and place your cursor on the printer’s name and see the status. Do not click , just place the cursor and a status would be display such as “Offline” or “Paused”. To resolve the same right click and uncheck the option Pause printing or Offline.

Device Connected Wirelessly

You need to check the device from where you are giving the command to print the document. Also check if the same device is in connect with the Wi-Fi network. In case it is not in connect the printing command would not be send to the printer even if printer is connected to Wi-Fi.

To check the same in the simplest manner either open a website on your Internet browser or check the Wi-Fi signal on your device.

Try Deleting all printing Jobs sent earlier

May be due to pile up commands send the printer would be the reason of the device not printing at all. So try deleting the print commands once and see if it works. To delete all the print commands right click on your Brother Printer Icon and open See what’s printing. Now under Printer option select Cancel All Documents.

In case you are still not able to Print then kindly reconnect Brother Printer to Wi-Fi following the steps.

Why my Brother Printer not printing Black?

If in case you are facing this issue where your Brother printer is not printing only black then we have mentioned few troubleshooting steps which you can perform and resolve the error on your own.

Ink Cartridge Properly Placed

If all the other colours of your printer are printing fine then you need to check the position how your cartridge’s are place because the chances are you might not have placed it in correct position. So open the printer and remove the Cartridge in specific the black one and place it back properly.

Check for Label

If you have recently install your Cartridge on your printer chances might be you forgot to remove the label or the tape which has to be taken out before installing the cartridges. So remove your ink cartridge and check if the packaging label is removed.

Clean your Printer’s Printheads

In case your printer is not use for months, there are great chances the printhead is block or needs cleaning. So make sure to clean your printhead with a clean piece of dry cloth after soaking it in water. Now test a dummy print to check if the issue is solve.

Faulty Ink

 If all the above steps that you have tried and it did not sort the problem then there are high chances that the ink cartridge you have bought or kept in the printer has become faulty. You need to buy the ink cartridge again and make sure to buy original/ brand recommended ink, as using cheap or duplicate can damage your product in long run.  

Note: Try the similar steps in case your Brother printer is not printing any other ink apart from black. So this answers for

How to troubleshoot my Brother Printer?

Brother printer can be troubleshoot in the following ways. We have tried to mention the most frequent error faced by users at large and most of the users after following few troubleshooting steps have get things back together all by thereselves.

Brother Printer not printing on Windows 10

We have tried to mention in brief if your Brother printer is not printing on Windows 10 then, First check weather the printer is Online. Check for Wires if printer is connect using LAN cable. Check any general error display on Windows 10.Make your Brother printer to set as Default in windows 10. Last Update the drivers of Windows 10 and Brother printer.

Brother Printer not printing Wirelessly

The connection between the computer and the wireless router is unavailable at the moment. Check for the configurational settings of the device sending the wireless signals to the printer.

Brother Printer not printing from MAC

The most common reason, the connection between the MAC and the Brother Printer is off-track. So verify the connection once again, check for printer drivers, set brother printer as a “Default” printing device. Last if still facing issues then delete the printer from MAC and reinstall the same again.

Brother Printer not printing clearly

The first and basic step is to check the INK from the printer. If it is properly installed then it must be near to empty. Open the drum unit and carefully take out the cartridge, clean the same and put it back.

Brother Printer not printing when the INK is full

Check for the connection of your printer at first. If there is any clogging, open the front head and unclog the same. Check for the paper if the tray is empty reload the same. Also carefully look for any error on the display of the printer.

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Whether you’re looking for troubleshooting basics or the most comprehensive of solutions, in this article we’ve included a host of effective, quick fixes for connecting your Brother printer to Wi-Fi. The fixes we mention should enable you to tackle fifty percent of Wi-Fi connection problems on your own!


How to check if printer is connected to network?

The best and easy way to check if printer is connected to network is to dummy print on paper. Also check if the display has any error or it ready to take the command.

Why my Brother Printer not printing clearly?

If the printed text is light, fade or dull then the most prominent reason is to change the INK or the cartridge of your printer.

Why my Brother Printer not printing color correctly?

If you suspect one or more colors are not printing properly then it may be the reason that the ink cartridges are not installed properly or nozzles placed in the print heads are clogged up.

Why my Brother Printer not printing ink on paper?

If your brother printer is printing blank paper the foremost thing to check is the placement of ink cartridges. Try to open and clean the same and if again you face the issue replacement of INK would be a great idea.

Why my Brother Printer bot printing wirelessly?

If your Brother printer bot is printing wirelessly is because the wireless settings would be active and as a default it will take the commands and print wirelessly instead of LAN cable.

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