How To Connect A Canon Printer To WiFi?

Logically speaking, it does not take any long process or a detailed guide to connect your canon printer to wi-fi.

But as sometimes it can be a bit confusing about what exact procedure one should follow, taking a look at a simple and quick how-to- guide can be a good way to avoid all confusion.

Take a look at the steps below and you will never need to ask how to connect my canon printer to Wi-Fi. 

  • Firstly press the power button to turn the printer on
  • Press the settings icon on the printer 
  • Press the right arrow until you see the option device settings (button on the front of the printer)
  • Press OK to select the option device settings
  • Then press the right arrow again until you see the option Lan settings
  • Press ok on Lan settings 
  • Press the right arrow again 
  • Go to Wireless LAN set-up and press ok 
  • Your printer will start searching for a Wi-Fi connection this can be noticed by the Wi-Fi icon light blinking on your printer
  • Your printer will show the wifi connections available around
  • You need to press the right arrow until your Wi-Fi network name appears
  • Lastly press ok to select the Wi-Fi connection, you may need to enter the password 
  • Your printing device will connect to it and you can start printing. 

A word of precaution – Always keep your printer within the range of your Wi-Fi otherwise the device will not connect. 

How to connect my Canon Pixma printer to WiFi? 

Connect your Canon printer to your Wi-Fi network through an easy process. Follow the few steps as mentioned:

  • Firstly tap A on your printer 
  • Tap Wi-Fi
  • Tap on settings 
  • Now tap on the option Wi-Fi set-up 
  • Tap WPS 
  • Now press OK
  • Now you need to press the WPS button on the wireless router and hold it for a few seconds 
  • Now tap ok on the printer within 2 minutes. 
  • When the printer screen shows the message connect to the wireless router press ok 
  • When the connection is established the Wi-Fi icon appears on the left side of the screen. 
  • Tap on the wi-fi icon. 
  • Get back to the application software and continue with the setup. 
  • Lastly click on Dock and follow the instructions shown on the screen and proceed with the setup procedure. 

“Canon printer not connecting to Wi-Fi” What to do?

Yes, it is a common and recurring problem but not without a solution.

Normally we miss noticing a few things that cause this malfunction in the printer.

Read the relatable solutions below and you will handle the issue if your canon printer not connecting to Wi-Fi. 

  • Unplug or reboot to start again – This simple trick works most of the time, especially with printers. Press and hold the power button to turn it off. However, sometimes, the printer shows the message busy and does not turn off, in that case, you can unplug the wire and can plug it in again to turn on the printer 
  • Update your firmware of drivers – Another common method that works great. Every device and technology works on several software and you need to update them to keep your device in harmony with the latest version of technology or software. Do the same with the printers and check whether your printer is updated with the latest drivers and firmware or not. If not, then download and install the latest updated version and you are good to go. 
  •  Printer should be in the range of router – Sometimes printers are weaker in catching the connection maybe it is placed in an enclosed area and there is no window etc. to catch the connection properly. Whatever is it the reason, just keep your printing device close to the printer. 
  • Remove and read the printer in Windows – If you cannot predict the exact reason why your canon printer is not able to connect, you can try this. Go to settings and then devices and then printers and scanners, now select the printer and remove it. To add it again, add a printer or scanner to re-add the device from the device list. 

I am not able to connect my canon TS3522 printer to the WiFi? (Solved)

While mind-boggling on your printer connection sometimes you do not realize that it is an absolutely easy task.

Before you start worrying again about how to connect my canon ts3522 printer to WiFi, look at the following simple process and solve the problem in a short while. 

  • Before you start connecting the printer, make sure your router is on and your computer system is also connected to the wi-fi network. 
  • Ensure that your printer is plugged in and turned on. 
  • Now press and hold the button with the Wi-Fi icon on the printer panel
  • Release the button once the wi-fi icon shows on the LCD screen of the panel. 
  • On your system, go to the settings.
  • Now go to networks and connections  
  • Tap on Wi-Fi 
  • Lastly you will see a list of printers, select the printing device with canon in its name. 
  • Your printer will connect to the system. 

If you are connecting to a phone or tablet you need to download the canon print app.

In the case of a smartphone or tablet, once you will see the canon printer on your phone/Tablet, open the canon print app on your mobile.

The screen will show the message ‘ do you want to search’, you need to tap YES. Select your home and finally select your wi-fi network and enter the password. 

How can I connect the Canon MG3600 printer to WiFi?

If you are struggling with this question, you should know that this task is as simple as watching a web series on your couch.

What’s more important is to understand that connecting a printer to Wi-Fi is always easier than you think. 

  • Firstly turn on the printer 
  • Secondly press and hold the wireless button for 3 seconds 
  • Now press the black button and again the wi-fi button  
  • Ensure when you press the wi-fi button again, the wifi light flashes, and also the power light is stably on. 
  • Now press the WPS button on your router within the duration of 2 minutes 
  • The wi-fi light will keep flashing to search for the wi-fi connection
  • Once the connection establishes the power light as well as the Wi-Fi light will become stable and will stop flashing. 
  • Your printer is not connected to the wireless network and by printing the network configuration page you can confirm it. 

Can I connect the Canon printer to the phone?

Yes, you can do that because it is not too complicated to connect your smartphone to any printer, and canon printers are specifically known for their user-friendliness.

Why don’t you check the following steps and along with reading them try the same with your phone and printer?

It will take only a few minutes to understand how to connect a canon printer to a phone. 

  • Firstly go to the Google play store if you have an android app and or the App Store in case of an iOS device and download the Canon print app. Once it is downloaded, install it. 
  • Secondly make sure that your printer is switched on or plugged in properly. 
  • Now check your Wi-Fi signal on the printer, it should be flashing quickly.
  • Now launch the canon print app
  • On the main screen tap on add printer 
  • Press register printer and then press on printer set up 
  • Tap on the options connection via wireless router
  • Choose the wireless network that you want to connect with 
  • Enter the password required for the wireless network then press OK 
  • When the network setting signals reach the canon printer a prompt will appear and press OK
  • Select your printer’s name 
  • Lastly Press Ok and the connection will complete, you can test it by printing a test print. 

How can I connect a Canon printer to a phone via a P2P?

Follow a straightforward procedure and you can easily connect a canon to your phone via a p2p. Try the steps below. 

  • Click direct connection on the mobile portal 
  • Scan the QD code by using the app’s scanner and follow the given instructions 
  • Pair your phone to the printer via Bluetooth
  • Alternatively, you can tab on your canon printer or can touch your smartphone via NFC which is Near Field Communication 

Note – The procedure mentioned above required additional accessories, but it can support connection to a maximum of 5 smartphones at the same time.  

What are the steps to connect a Canon printer to a Laptop?

There can be two aspects of connecting a canon printer to a laptop, one is a Wi-Fi connection and the second is the connection through a wire. Here you will learn both. 

Connect canon printer to laptop Via Wi-Fi 

  • Firstly turn on the printer 
  • Press the arrow key on the printer’s panel to select Menu and select network settings
  • Select the option Wireless LAN and then press OK. 
  • Now select the option Wireless LAN Settings and then press OK. Now select the network and enter the password and your printer will connect to your laptop. 

What is the process to connect a Canon TS3322 printer to WiFi?

You will have to follow easy steps in the process and reading them once will give you clarity about how to connect a canon TS3322 printer to Wi-Fi. 

  • Ensure that your wireless router is switched on
  • Press the direct button and hold it for a short time until the direct icon flashes
  • Now download the printing software on it. 
  • Click on go
  • Follow the on-screen instructions if the region or country option appears 
  • Now click on start 
  • Click on ‘if you have prepared your printer go to connect’
  • Now click on download and wait for a few minutes 
  • Open the downloaded file to start 
  • Click on start set up to start installing the printer setup 
  • Click next and wait for a few minutes 
  • Read the license agreement carefully and click yes if you agree
  • On the next page services related to canon printers click agree 
  • A screen will appear with the title check the connection method 
  • Check if your router is working properly and click Yes
  • Oncene the connection completes, and green color tick mark will show and you need to click next. 
  • The print driver will now be installed however, this may take a few minutes
  • A screen will appear that reads you are not able to print from your computer 
  • Now you can click test print 
  • Once the test printing completes click next 

How to connect the Canon MG3620 printer to WiFi?

You will be amaze to see how simple and quick the process is and once it starts even a person who is not so tech-savvy can understand easily without any other reference. 

  • Make sure that your printer is turned on 
  • Press and hold the wi-fi button on the printer panel until the power light flashes 
  • Now release the wi-fi button
  • Now press the color button and then the wi-fi button 
  • The wi-fi button light should start flashing quickly
  • Download Canon Print inkjet/SELPHY app for Apple or Android devices from the App Store or Google Play. 
  • Now go to the wi-fi settings of your device and select your canon printer device and click  on connect 
  • Open the app that you have downloaded 
  • Tap on the search button 
  • Press Ok
  • In the next step select your wi-fi network 
  • Enter your Wi-Fi password 
  • Press Ok and wait for a few seconds 
  • Now press ok 
  • Now select your canon printer 
  •  Congratulations, your printer is connected. 

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It is never rocket science to connect your canon printer to wi-fi because the procedures are simple and quick. The printer companies prepare devices and technologies and software for people with all levels of understanding of technology. After reading this blog, for sure you are more confident now and can connect your canon printer to wi-fi without any hassle irrespective of printer model or device. 


Why won’t my canon printer connect to my Wi-Fi?

Check that your printer is turned on. 
Check that the wi-fi light is lit on the printer panel
Make sure your wireless LAN is active, if it is not press and hold the RESUME OR CANCEL button now release the button when the power light flashes 10 times. 

How do I connect my printer to Wi-Fi?

Turn on your printer and it should be in the range of your router network
Tap set up, tap network, or on wireless settings
Select the wireless setup wizard 
Select your network name and enter the password

Why is my Wi-Fi not connecting to my printer?

Restart your printer as it normally helps to fix any technical glitch in the software. Also, check your wi-fi connection, it should be set up properly. 

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