How To Fix An Epson Printer That Is Printing Blank Pages

Epson printers are smart and efficient in technology and performance but malfunctioning is the nature of every machine in the world.

Sometimes Epson printers print blank pages which may have different reasons. Have you experienced this common issue?

If no, it’s great, and if Yes, then the following guide to fix this issue will help you avoid the annoyance caused by your printing device. 

Why does an Epson printer print blank pages? The problem in itself is a hint at the solution 

You really should know what exactly is causing your printer to print blank pages because there are several reasons behind it.

Some of the common ones are listed below, check your printing device. Any of the following can be in the core of your printing device. 

  • The paper that you are using should be supported by the Epson printer
  • Is your printer placed on a flat surface? If not, put it in the right posture to avoid any obstruction in the ink flow. 
  • Maybe you forgot to remove the yellow tape from your ink cartridge. Check it. 
  • Make sure to select the right format settings, paper size, and direction in your Epson printer 
  • Maybe it’s your document that is blank, check it before printing and remove it from the printing queue.
  • Check the device for any clogged nozzle by giving the instruction ‘print a nozzle check pattern’ on your printer. 
  • Check the ink levels of your cartridge and also make sure they are properly placed in the printer. 

How to fix my Epson printer printing blank pages?

This problem has multiple causes, similarly, it can have multiple solutions depending upon the individual situation of a person using an Epson printer. 

Update the printer’s driver An important thing that people sometimes forget 

Yes exactly, that is a common thing to happen. Outdated or faulty printer drivers will never let your printer perform any function properly. If your printing device shows blank pages, check the device for an updated version. You can go to the Epson website and can download the updated driver according to your computer operating system. 

Check the ink cartridges or ink level – The very basic thing to do

Ink cartridges should be placed properly and also make sure that you have not missed removing the yellow tape from it. Not only this, if you have placed a red color cartridge in the space of the black one, malfunctioning may occur. Also, it’s equally important to check the ink levels because the lower the level, the bigger the problem in printing. If you live in colder areas and your printer is placed in a colder place, sometimes the ink may get harder and thicker. The same is the case with hotter places where the improper placement of a printing device may cause ink leakage. 

Clogged nozzles may be the cause of the issue 

Another common problem but that creates an annoying situation if it stops printing pages. Clogged nozzles can certainly cause the printer to print blank pages however through several ways, you can fix it. 

  • Press the home button on the printer and select the setup option. 
  • Now go to the ‘maintenance’ option 
  • Select the option printhead nozzle check 
  • Your printer will now print a page to show you four headed networks and mention the nozzle that is blocked. 
  • In case you notice any blackout lines or holes then select the option clean the printhead and then choose to proceed. 
  • While the cleaning cycle is ON do not turn off or stop your printer. 

Change the printing preferences 

Sometimes changing the printing preferences work as the most accurate solution to avoid printing blank pages from your printer. However, there is a little different process to change the printing settings from different versions of windows and mac. Let’s understand the process applicable to all of these. This process is destined to make sure that the skip blank pages option is selected. 

How to change printing preferences for Windows 10? 

By moving to the extended settings through the control panel select the option to skip blank pages. The process is mention below. 

  • Go to the control panel 
  • Select and click on the option printer mentioned under Hardware and Sound”/”Printers
  • Now on your printer, go to printing preferences 
  • Now tap on the option maintenance 
  • Now enter the option extended settings
  • Make sure to select the skip blank page option. 
  • Now select ok 

Altering the Epson printing preferences on Windows 10 

Windows 10, a widely used version is user-friendly even for the least tech-savvy person. Here is the process you can try to change the printing preferences.

  • Visit settings 
  • Select devices 
  • Select and choose printers and scanners
  • Select your Epson printer 
  • Click on manage 
  • Now open printing preferences 
  • Select Maintenance 
  • Tap on extended settings 
  • Select skip blank page 
  • Press ok 

How to change Epson printing preferences on Windows 8?

In this version of windows, you can find printing preferences when you go through the control panel.

Read the process below so that you can understand the practical way to complete the task. 

  • Click on the control panel from the screen of Apps 
  • Select hardware and sound 
  • Choose devices and printers 
  • Right-click/tap on the printer to enter printing preferences 
  • Now go to Maintenance 
  • Now choose the option extended settings
  • Now select skip blank page 
  • Lastly tap OK

How to change the Epson printing preferences on Windows 7?

Maybe the oldest but still quite popular version Windows 7 will not annoy you with any complicated process.

In a few minutes, you can change the printing preferences to stop your Epson printer from printing blank pages. 

  • Open devices and printers 
  • Right-tap on your printer 
  • Select printing preferences 
  • Click on the option maintenance 
  • Now move to extended settings 
  • Now find the skip blank page option and select it 
  • Finally press OK 

How to edit printing preferences on MAC?

This should not take more than a few minutes if you once understand the steps carefully. Important is to try the process practically. 

  • Select system preferences in the menu 
  • Now click on the option print and scan 
  • Select print and fax 
  • Now select printers and scanners
  • Once you select your Epson printer, visit options and supplies
  • Click on driver or options 
  • Enable the option to skip blank page 
  • Press ok 

How to rectify “Epson printer printing blank pages on MAC”?

It’s quite simple to resolve this issue. A quick process containing only a few steps. 

  • Open the menu and then select system preferences
  • Now select print and scan/ printers & scanners/print & fax now select your product and then select options and supplies 
  • Now select driver or options 
  • Select the skip blank page option
  • Finally click OK

“Epson printer not printing anything” How to fix it?

You have a very simple solution to the frustrating situation because normally the problem is nothing but a common error that can be fix easily. 

There can be several reasons if your Epson not printing anything at all. Try the following things and you will be able to fix it surely. 

  • Check if your printer is ON.
  • If the device runs on Wi-Fi make sure your printer and computer are on the same network.
  • Load more paper if your printer’s paper out light is on. 
  • Check for paper jams. Gently pull the papers from your printer and slowly remove the remaining paper pieces. 
  • Try restarting your printer and computer because it usually works.
  • Check the cable connection between your printer and the computer.
  • Check for ink levels and ink cartridges and place it properly.

While working on the above tips regularly, you will learn to fix this issue without any professional help. Usually, people get afraid in case of technical issues, even if the problem is quite simple.

Technology is something that people usually find difficult to handle however, in reality, today we have user-friendly devices and minor issues can be handled anytime. 

How to fix “Epson printer printing blank pages after cleaning”?

The following are the major causes that may cause the printing issue. You should first fix them and then the device should start printing properly. 

  • Sometimes due to dry ink, the Epson printhead gets jammed and it does not print at all or gives an improper print on a page. You need to check and clean it properly again to start printing again properly. 
  • Several times it happens that ink cartridges move from their place while cleaning. When you give printing instructions it cannot print. So, it is advisable to check the cartridges as well after cleaning. 
  • Leaving the printer cover improperly after cleaning can also cause this little malfunction in your Epson printer. Since cleaning is a detailed process, sometimes people forget to put back the printer parts properly. 
  • Placing the printer at a certain temperature for a long time can also cause issues. For example – if you have placed it in the sunshine for a long time on an uneven surface, the ink may get leaked. 

Why is my Epson Eco tank printing blank pages?

Don’t worry because it is not a complicated situation, many people go through this issue and fix it in a short while with some insight into the basic tips. 

  • It may happen that your Epson printer is not able to recognize your ink cartridge or may even think that the cartridge is empty. 
  • Ensure that the print head of your printer is clean and is not clog by the dry ink. 
  • Check the availability of papers in the input tray and also ensure that you using the right paper type that is suitable for the Epson printer. 
  • Your printer head must not be showing any errors because that is important to fix before you start printing. 

What to do if Epson L3110 printing blank pages? 

Irrespective of your Epson printer version, printing issues may occur due to several basic reasons. Have a look at the following causes that may have affected your device and working on them will fix the issue quite easily. 

  • Usually, an issue in the nozzle is the most common reason behind an Epson printer printing blank pages. A clogged nozzle is a major cause, so you need to ensure it is not jammed due to dry ink. 
  • Check the cable connection, normally we keep boggling our minds in finding a complicated reason behind a printing issue. In reality, it is only a loose wire that may be the major cause of the issue. 
  • An outdated printer driver can make your printer lose its printing function and a simple update to the latest version may work as the most straightforward solution to this problem. 

What can I try if my Epson XP 440 printing blank pages?

Well, there are several things that you can try to avoid printing blank pages from your Epson XP 440. Below are the best possible solutions for the issue that you can try and immediately solve the printing problem. 

  • Check your print settings and make sure they are set correctly. For example – color settings, paper source, paper type, and print quality all should be mentioned as required to give an idol print. 
  • Clean the print head as it may sound like an unimportant thing but it can literally affect the printing function of your Epson printer. 
  • Ensure that the orientation, paper size, and layout settings are mentioned exactly what is required to print a perfect page. 
  • Check your document for a blank page and if there is any, select the skip blank page option. Click on the control panel on your computer, select printer under the settings hardware and sound, now on your printer, select printing preferences, tap on maintenance, go to extended settings, select skip blank page, and press ok. 

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You should never get worried about handling an ordinary issue like Epson printing blank pages. As you can read above the steps to the solution of the issue are quite simple and trying them only once will make you skilled. In the future, you will be able to handle the circumstances quickly. 


Why is my printer printing blank pages even if it has ink?

It can have several reasons such as improper cartridge installation, clogged nozzles, improperly connected cable, or different Wi-fi connections between the printing device and the computer. Check for all of these conditions. 

How do I fix my Epson printer that prints blank pages?

Few ways can fix the issue – 
Remove the blank page from your document by selecting the skip blank page option from extended settings that you can reach through the control panel. 
Ensure that you have selected the right paper size and try to print, it usually fixes the issue. 
Check if your ink cartridges are properly installed or not also check for ink levels they should not be low. 

How do I know my Epson nozzle is clogged?

With the following steps, one can clean the nozzle in a jiffy. 
Press on the maintenance option 
Select the option nozzle check now select the print position it should have the checked sign now press ok 
Check a printer pattern to make sure there are no gaps in the lines. 
If the print comes with no gaps, it means your nozzle is clean and now you can continue printing.  

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