Fix Epson Printer In Error State Issue in 7 Easy Ways

Epson printer getting in error state is a common issue and has several simple solutions.

If you are also struggling with any such situation, you don’t need to worry. It is a cakewalk to fix an Epson printer in Error State.

To resolve an issue, it is vital to know the causes behind the problem. This blog will give you a crisp but clear understanding of how to handle the situation.

Why my Epson printer is in error state ?

We have short listed most of the major causes to solve Epson error message issue. That is how only, you can solve the issue. Every problem will give way to a relevant solution.

Communication error between devices

Yes, if your printer is not able to communicate to other devices like mobile or computer, the issue may occur. Check for the network connections and cables that connect both the devices.

Ink cartridge or toner issue

An improper installation of an ink cartridge or toner can cause error state issue. Similarly, if the ink cartridge does not have sufficient ink, it may also be the reason for the problem to occur.

Physical obstacles

Anything causing hindrance in the paper path can also become a considerable reason for the error state issue. Check it carefully; it may right away repair your printer.

Fix firmware issue

Corrupted or outdated firmware can be a certain reason of sending your Epson printer in error state. It happens if you don’t pay attention to updating the firmware update.

Try checking the ‘Print Spooler’ service once.


Lack of ventilation or long-term and consistent use of printers can make way for this issue. Every device needs an atmosphere to function properly. Make sure you give proper breathing space to your printer.

Printer memory issues

If your Epson printer memory is corrupt or full, errors may arise. Just make sure that you check this aspect as well while working.

How to fix Epson Printer in Error State issue ?

Take a quick look at the below-mentioned steps that will immediately solve the issue if your Epson printer is in error state.

Check your connections

fix Epson Printer in Error State

Sounds very basic but if any of the wire of your printer is not well-connected, error state issue may occur. Make sure that it has proper connection to the wall socket via power cord, also check that the printer is connected to the internet.

Clear pending print jobs

fix Epson Printer in Error State

Clearing the print queue is another vital thing that you should do to repair Epson printer in Error state. Open the print queue in your computer system and clean all the incomplete print jobs.

Restart the computer and printer

fix Epson Printer in Error State

Every device automatically fixes its own issues once you restart it. Try this basic but almost every time effective trick to remove the error state issue. Turn the devices for a few moments via power button and turn them back in a few minutes.

Update printer drivers

fix Epson Printer in Error State

Update your old faulty printer driver by visiting the official Epson website and see if there are any updates available. If yes, then update the printer driver as an outdated or corrupt printer driver can be the immediate reason to send a printer in error state.

Reinstall the printer driver

fix Epson Printer in Error State

Sometimes updating the printer driver does not work. In such a situation, is it best to uninstall and then reinstall the existing printer driver. It is also like refreshing the device through uninstall and reinstall process.

Your printer should have ample ink or toner

fix Epson Printer in Error State

Insufficient ink or toner levels are also responsible sometimes to cause printer in error state issue. Open the ink panel and check if you are not missing to fill the ink timely.

Update operating system

fix Epson Printer in Error State

Not updating the operation system can cause compatibility issues. Result? Printer in error state, check is your operating system is updated or not. You will notice that many of the points of troubleshooting are about updating and restarting and reinstalling. It is because the solution of big problems is always present in simple and small tactics.

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Epson printer error codes and their meaning and solutions

According to the issues that occur in an Epson printer, the printer displays several error codes.

You can directly work on the relevant solutions with the help of these error codes.

Following are the Epson printer error codes meaning and solutions. After all, you can’t troubleshoot without knowing the cause behind the problem.

Error Code: E-01

Meaning – Mechanical issue or paper jam issue

Solution :

  • Check there is no obstruction in the printer such as foreign objects or torn papers.
  • Check that the printer cover is properly placed
  • Carefully remove the jammed paper

Error Code: E-02 or W-02

Meaning – Improper loading of paper or printer out of papers

Solution :

  • Ensure papers are uploaded properly
  • Load papers in the tray.

Error Code: E-10

Meaning – Incorrect installation of ink cartridges or empty ink cartridges

Solution :

  • Replace empty ink cartridges
  • Make sure the ink cartridge installation has been done properly

Error Code: E-50 or W-50

Meaning – Communication issue between your printer and other device like computer or mobile.

Solution :

  • Check network or USB connection between your Epson printer and the mobile/ computer
  • Restart the computer and printer by holding the power button.
  • Printer port should be configured correctly.
  • Make sure you have installed with the correct printer driver. Check under Control panel, ‘Devices and Printers’.

Error Code: E-97

Meaning : An internal hardware issue specifically related to a printer’s  motor.

Solution :

  • Turn off your printer
  • Unplug your printer from wall and USB cable, then plug it back after a while and check for issue.
  • Contact Epson support if the issue remains.

Why my Epson printer error light blinking?

There can be several reasons after Epson printer error light blinking. However, some common solutions are available to resolve the issue.

Paper jams

Paper jams are always among the most recurring issues. So, it is best if your firstly check for this simple but important aspect.

Reset to default settings

Performing a factory reset issue is a useful suggestion. Your access the reset option by taking a guide from user manual.

Update drivers/firmware

Updating the printer’s firmware and drivers is the best thing you can do fix the issue.

Communication issues

Loose cables or connections between your printer and the computer can be the cause. Make sure you connect the devices properly.

Ink Cartridges

Incorrect installation of ink cartridges or empty cartridges is another common cause. Properly replacing the Ink Cartridges and your printer error light will stop blinking.


To sum up, addressing the Epson printer error state is a straightforward process with our outlined strategies.

Whether it’s ensuring solid connections or keeping drivers up to date, resolving the issue is well within your reach. Bid farewell to frustrating printing problems and restore smooth functionality to your printer.

With our guidance, you can confidently navigate through these troubleshooting steps and regain the efficiency of your Epson printer.

Don’t let the error state hold you back – take the initiative to implement these solutions and enjoy uninterrupted printing once again.

Frequently Asked Question’s (FAQ’s)

Why is my Epson printer showing an error state?

The error state can arise due to communication issues between devices or problems with ink cartridges.

How can I troubleshoot communication errors?

Verify cables, restart devices, and ensure the correct printer drivers are installed.

What should I do if my printer encounters paper jams?

Carefully remove any jammed paper and ensure proper paper loading to prevent future jams.

How do I address ink cartridge-related problems?

Make sure ink cartridges are properly installed and replace any empty cartridges to resolve the issue.

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