Easily Change Ink in Epson Printer

Changing the Epson printer ink is never a herculean task. Only unfamiliarity with the basics of technicalities of changing the ink cartridges causes some confusion.

You can also see your printer’s INK level on the LCD screen, the empty cartridges will show a message on the LCD screen stating which cartridges needs replacement.

But don’t worry, here we are with an absolutely simple guide on how to change ink in Epson printer.

How To Change Ink In Epson Printer ?

Change ink in Epson Printer

It takes only a few steps to complete this task. So, let’s start.

  • Turn on your Epson printer using the power button. And check the LCD screen once for any notification.
how to change ink in epson printer
  • Now open the printer cover/ scanner unit if your Epson printer has a scanner unit.
how to change ink in a epson printer
  • You will see the ink cartridge
how to change the ink in a epson printer
  • Wait until your print head stops moving and comes at the replacement position.
  • Open the cartridge cover if your printer has a cover around the ink cartridge unit.
  • Hold and squeeze the tab that is situated behind the cartridge. After that, you can lift the cartridge to take it from the print head.
Hold and squeeze the tab
  • Remove the cartridge from the print head.
Remove the cartridge from the print head.
  • Before installing the new cartridge, gently shake it. Also, remember to remove any yellow tape from the cartridge’s side, top, back, or bottom, which varies by printer model. Carefully insert the new cartridge into the empty slot.
  • Push it downwards; it sits properly in the print head when it creates the sound of a click.
Push it downwards
  • Now close your printer cover / lower the scanner lid if your printer has a scanner unit.
lower the scanner
  • Finally press the maintenance button as in some models you have to do it to complete the replacement process.
press the maintenance button
  • The ink replacement process is finished when an LCD screen displays a completion message.


  • If you leave your print head out in the open, it may become clogged and require replacement because they are hard to clean.
  • If you use ink meant for different kinds of printing, it will clog your print head and result in subpar prints.
  • Take great care not to touch the printer’s flat white cable or printhead.
  • Wait until you are ready to install the ink before opening the ink cartridge package.
  • Before you start, make sure you have your replacement cartridges handy.
  • Do not touch the green chip on the cartridge.

How to Change Epson ink cartridge before empty?

Many people prefer to change ink cartridge before it is empty. It prevents the drying out or clogging of the nozzles.

Also, changing the cartridges regularly before they are empty also saves the time and cost on your printer’s maintenance.

So, here is how to change Epson ink cartridge before empty? The process is not different only a few steps vary.

  • Go to the Epson preferences window, and click on the Maintenance tab.
  • Now choose the ink cartridge replacement button and click on it.
  • Now click on the option Next to start the process.
  • The instructions will appear on the screen. Follow them to replace your Epson print cartridges.
  • After you replace the cartridge, the ink delivery system will automatically start charging the ink.
  • When the charging action completes, the screen will show a pop-up message or prompt. To close the dialog box, click OK now.

Note: You will waste ink if you turn off the product while the power light is flashing.
You can also replace ink cartridges through a Windows computer by accessing on-screen instructions provided within the printer maintenance utilities.

My Epson printer change ink not working ” How to resolve ?

It is a common problem to face but with a very simple solution. Read the ways below and you will learn what to do if your Epson printer change ink not working.

You might have skipped an important step in the process. The following ways usually work.

Is your printer on?

Usually small mistakes cause problems. You need to ensure that your printer is ON Several Epson printer models do not accept the replaced ink process until you don’t turn them on.

Take out the protective tape

Yes of course, it is a big cause. Ink cartridges come with a protective tape that keeps the print nozzle sealed. It prevents ink leakage, so when you replace the cartridge, remove it.

Your Epson model might not have recognized the cartridge

It is a temporary issue that can be fixed immediately. Perform a cartridge reset to resolve the issue.

Check for error message

If you have not followed the process of replacing cartridges properly, this issue may occur. In that case, an error message may show.

Genuine ink cartridge issue

Epson printers are compatible to genuine or branded cartridges. A third party cartridge may cause this issue. Make sure, you use only the genuine one.

Reset your printer

Several Epson printer models need reset after you replace ink cartridges. So, if your printer is among these, you need to perform a reset function.

How to change ink on Epson printer XP-6100?

Change ink on Epson printer XP-6100

All the Epson printers have more or less same process to change the ink. But yes, procedures for specific Epson models may differ a bit.

Read below the process of how to change ink on Epson printer xp-6100. Don’t worry the process is extremely simple and handy.

  • Turn on your Epson xp-6100 printer.
  • Now open the scanner unit / cartridge compartment.
  • The cartridge holder will move and stop to a position or stop from where you can easily take out the cartridge.
  • Now remove the empty cartridge.
  • As usual, it’s time to take out your new cartridge by gently removing the packaging.
  • Now insert the new cartridge and push it properly into the slot. It sits properly if it creates a sound of click.
  • Now close the cartridge compartment.
  • Now check the printer LCD screen for any prompt or message. Your printer may perform any charging process after ink cartridge.
  • Now print a test page to check that cartridge is settled properly and given a smooth flawless print.  

Note : The ink supply port valve is designed to collect any extra ink; nevertheless, ink supply port should not come into contact with the port or its surroundings.

We’ve addressed common queries about your Epson printer, but if you encounter more issues, feel free to explore our comprehensive troubleshooting section. Check out the category for your printer concerns and resolve them at your convenience.


Changing ink in Epson printers is hassle-free. Preemptively replacing cartridges and addressing minor hiccups ensures consistent, top-quality printing. By following these guidelines, you’ll maintain optimal printer performance without any complexity.

Frequently Asked Question’s (FAQ’s)

Is changing ink in an Epson printer complicated?

No, changing ink is simple. Just follow these steps: turn on, open cover, replace cartridge, close cover.

Can I replace Epson ink cartridges before they’re empty?

Absolutely, it’s a good practice. Access preferences, select cartridge replacement, and follow prompts.

How to troubleshoot Epson printer ink replacement issues?

First, ensure printer is on. Remove cartridge tape, consider a reset, use genuine cartridges, and heed error messages.

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