Canon Printer Offline ? FIX it in 4 Simple Steps

Is your Canon Printer Offline ? Are you facing trouble using your Canon device since it displays the error “Canon Printer Offline”

Worry not if this is the case then you are at the right place since this blog will help you to resolve Canon device error.

Before heading towards the detailed solution we want you to check on following points for the resolution:

  • Quickly check if the power cable, Ethernet cable is plugged in properly into the electrical outlet and router.
  • Restart the WIFI router/modem at your place by powering off for at least 10 seconds to refresh and reboot.
  • After the restart check if the WIFI light on the router is blinking continuously.

After performing the above steps if you still receive the error “Canon Offline” then we suggest you to follow the detailed guide below.

How to Fix “Canon Printer Offline” issue?

Since you have performed the basics, necessary initial troubleshooting steps


Still have not fix your Canon device we suggest you to follow the advance troubleshooting steps which are carefully drafted since after performing any of the steps you can get back your Canon device Online.

So let us start the process.

1. Disable User Printer Offline Feature

Maybe by mistake the printer is set to working offline mode. Let us quickly resolve the same by unchecking the option.

  • Open Control Panel of your Computer. Search the option Control Panel in the search box of windows.
Disable User Printer Offline Feature
  • Now under the heading Hardware and Sound click on View device and printers.
  • Under the Printer section right click on your Canon device Icon and select “See what’s printing”
see whats printing
  • Click on the Printer tab and check if the option “Use Printer Offline” is unchecked. If the option is displayed with , then click the same to uncheck.
canon printer offline - uncheck use printer offline
  • Once again click the Printer option again and click “Cancel All Documents”.
cancel all documents
  • To check send a print job command again for a test to see if problem persists.

2. Restart Printer Spooler Service

Here in this step we will try to restart the Printer Spooler service manually to see if the error disappears.

  • Search for “Services” on the search box of your windows and open the same.
  • Under Services look for the option “Print Spooler” and right click on the same and select option “Restart”
  • Now right click on the same option “Print Spooler” and this time click on “Properties”. And under “Startup type” change it to “Automatic” and click OK.
print spooler startup type
  • To check if the process has been successful kindly restart the PC and see if your printer works.

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3. Reinstall Your Canon Printer Driver

After performing the above steps if still you see your Canon Offline there are 100% chances that your PC is using a faulty or outdated printer driver. And to fix the problem we will reinstall the printer driver in easy step by step solution:

  • On the keyboard of your PC press Windows key + R together to open a Run box.
  • On the Run box type “devmgmt.msc” and click OK.
open devmgmt.msc
  • Look for the option “Print Queues”, and right click on your Canon Printer and select “Uninstall device”.
uninstall print driver
  • Once the driver is uninstalled visit Canon Support page to download the latest driver for your Printer model and just install the driver by following the on screen instructions.

Note: Downloading the driver is simple and straightforward process from Canon website.

4. Canon Printer Set as Default

Incase if your Canon Printer is not set as default in your computer then also it can show Offline error. So therefore in this step we will try to check and set Canon device as Default printer.

  • The first step is to open Control Panel on your device and search for option “View devices and printers”.
open control panel
  • Under “Devices and Printers” option right click on your Canon device and select the option “Set as Default Printer”.
  • Once your printer is set as default you will see a green check mark on the icon.

We hope the issue would be solved. However if your Canon Printer is not responding after following all the steps then kindly get in touch with customer care executives.

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Why does my Canon Printer Keeps going Offline?

Due to the error the most important question that comes your mind is why my Canon device keeps going Offline and how can I prevent the same?

To know the exact reason behind we have tried and compiled the list of the reasons that will help you understand the issues better.

  • Router or Modem issue
  • Loose or Damaged Cable
  • Printer Driver Issue
  • Paper Tray Empty
  • Virus or Malware attack
  • Toner or Ink Cartridge issue

You can also try Cleaning the Canon Print Head once to avoid facing Offline issue on your Canon device.

How can I solve Canon Printer Offline error if I am using a MAC device?

Canon Offline printer error on MAC can be because of many reasons however worry not we have found the fix for you.

To start the fix for Canon Offline error on MAC, you will have to perform two set of steps. The one primarily being to Reset Apple’s Printing System and Second is to Reinstall the driver and the software.

So kindly follow the below mentioned steps:

Reset Apple’s Printing System

  • Firstly switch ON your MAC device and click on Apple Menu.
  • Now select the “System Preferences” option.
open system preferences
  • Click on “Printers & Scanners” option.
open printers and scanners
  • A pop-up window will open in the left panel, Right click the same and select “Reset Printing System” option.
reset printing system
  • Enter your login credentials and click OK.
  • Now a printer list panel will open, add your printer again using “+” sign

In most of the cases your Canon printer status will change from Offline to Online. However, if still facing issue then kindly proceed with reinstalling the Canon driver from MAC

Reinstallation of Driver

  • Firstly hard reboot your Canon device by pressing and holding the power off button.
  • Go to the “Printer and Scanner” option using “System Preferences” on MAC and delete your printer from your MAC device.
  • Now go to “Utilities” and uninstall the “Canon Driver”.
  • Fourth step is to unplug your MAC and Printer with USB cable.
  • Once downloaded install the Canon Driver.
  • At this step reconnect your MAC and Printer with the USB cable
  • Now switch on your Canon device, to do the same press and hold the power button.
  • Open “System Preferences” from Apple menu.
  • Last step is to add your printer by opening “Printer & Scanners”, now click on add new printer using the “+” sign.

After performing all the steps accurately, the status of your Canon device will be Online.

Note: All the steps mentioned above will also apply to Windows 10 devices. Users experiencing unresponsive Canon devices can follow the same steps as outlined.


In conclusion, If you’ve been struggling with the challenging Canon Printer Offline error, this article has provided you with a comprehensive guide to resolve the issue.

We began by highlighting the importance of checking basic connections and network settings.

If the problem persisted, we delved into advanced troubleshooting steps, including disabling the “Use Printer Offline” feature, restarting the Printer Spooler service, and Reinstalling your Canon driver.

Moreover, we addressed the question of why your Canon might repeatedly go offline, pointing out potential culprits such as router or modem issues, loose cables, outdated drivers, empty paper trays, and even malware attacks.

For Mac users facing the same issue, we offered a separate set of instructions to reset Apple’s Printing System and reinstall the driver and software, ensuring that your Canon is back online.

Lastly, it’s worth noting that all the steps provided in this article are applicable to Windows 10 devices as well, so anyone encountering an unresponsive Canon device can follow the same comprehensive troubleshooting process outlined here.

With these steps, you should be well-equipped to tackle the Canon Offline issue and get your printer back up and running smoothly.

Frequently Asked Question’s (FAQ’s)

Why is my Canon printer showing as offline?

Your Canon printer may show as offline due to a disrupted connection with your computer or network. Check cables, Wi-Fi, or try restarting the printer to resolve the issue.

How can I bring my Canon printer online?

To bring your Canon printer online, ensure it’s powered on, check the network connection, and restart both the printer and your computer. This should help it reconnect.

What should I do if my Canon printer stays offline despite troubleshooting?

If the Canon printer remains offline, reinstall the printer drivers, update firmware, or consult the Canon support website for specific troubleshooting steps.

Can a software update fix the “Canon printer offline” issue?

Yes, performing a software update on your Canon printer and your computer’s operating system can often resolve offline problems by ensuring compatibility and bug fixes

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