How To Connect Brother Printer To WiFi: Not Difficult as You Think

If you are facing issues to connect brother printer to Wifi, then look no further and follow the complete article as I have laid down some important points which will help you in connecting your Brother Printer to your Wi-Fi network easily.

You can refer to the table of contents in case you would like to navigate to a particular section. However, we recommend following the complete article to solve the issue that you are facing.

How do I connect Brother Printer to Wifi?

Kindly follow the easy steps to troubleshoot and connect your brother printer to WiFi.

Power On All Devices

This is the foremost first troubleshooting step to check the devices are indeed working at first place. You will need to perform a physical check if the wires connected are not loose.

There are mainly three things to check:


Check if all the wires are connected properly to the ports once. Because even if a single wire is left loose it may be the reason why you are facing the problem.


Perform a basic step where all the lights specifically the power should be always ON.


With printer you will again need to check the power cord at first and then in case you have connected your device with Wi-Fi then rechecking the Router would be your first part. In case you have connected your device with LAN cable thoroughly check the cable for any loose connection of faulty sign.

Checking the Wireless Connection

The second step is to check your wireless connection i.e. your Router. If your Router is not working properly in that case, you cannot connect your Brother printer either by wire or wirelessly.

We have a wonderful solution for the same you should try connecting your device with any alternate device available at your place such as your mobile phone or tablet in fact any device that supports Wi-Fi internet connectivity.

And once you find out that your Internet connection is running absolutely fine then the problem lies only with the printer and the connectivity.

Software Problems

This is another general cause of why devices connected won’t work. Since Software can be majorly categorized in two options as mentioned below. And both the options have to work in order to resolve the main concern.


A driver, also known as a device driver, is a group of files that communicate with an operating system on a computer to instruct a piece of hardware how to operate. So if your driver is out of date or is an issue of concern then the best possible solution is to reinstall the driver of your Brother Printer.


A sort of software called firmware is carved into a piece of hardware. Similarly, if you have an old printer at your place then you will have to update the firmware to solve your printer Wi-Fi problem. You can reinstall the firmware of your printer from here.

Connect with Customer Care Executive

If you have tried all the points as mentioned above and still your brother printer wont connect to your Wi-Fi, then do not worry and connect to the official representative of printer support team who will resolve your concern.

Following the above four easy steps can easily help you to connect your brother printer to wifi, however follow further article in case you want to connect your printer with any other available device.

How do I connect Brother Printer to my Laptop?        

Before connecting your Brother Printer to your laptop kindly make sure to have the Wi-Fi network ID and Password handy in case you are looking to connect the same wirelessly.

We have laid down the steps in two ways, using both Wi-Fi network and LAN cable.

Setup Brother Printer on Wi-Fi

Kindly follow below steps to connect Brother Printer to your Laptop using wireless connection:

  1. Firstly ensure your Wi-Fi router and Printer are plugged in and switched ON.
  2. Secondly click Menu button on your Printer.
  3. Press arrow down to Network and press OK.
  4. Again press arrow down to WLAN and hit OK.
  5. Under the option WLAN select WPS/AOSS and hit OK.
  6. A message will be displayed “Start WPS/AOSS on your wireless access point/router” hit OK.
  7. At last hold your router and press WPS for 3 seconds, now your router will be in WPS mode

Now both of your devices would be in WPS mode and will link automatically and will take approximately 30 secs here.  On your printer display screen it would say Connecting WPS, once connected it will display Connected Printing.

And your printer will print basic network settings where it tells you your Network name and some other information about the connection.

Setup Brother Printer on WiFi

Setup Brother Printer using LAN cable

Follow the below mentioned steps to connect Brother Printer to your Laptop/Desktop using LAN cable.

  1. Download the printer driver and P-touch editor from here
  2. Open and start the installer once the download is finished.
  3. Once you see the Connection Type dialog box you need to select Wired Connection (Ethernet) and click next to follow the instructions.
  4. Now before connecting LAN cable to your printer kindly make sure that your Printer is turned off.
  5. Connect the LAN cable in the LAN port usually at the backside of the printer.
  6. You will have to connect the LAN cable to an active LAN port on the available network.
  7. Switch on your printer.
  8. You can now install the P-touch editor to easily create and print the labels.

Now you would be easily able to connect your Brother Printer to your available device following any method as mentioned in the article.

brother printer setup
Brother Printer Setup

Recommendation: Always use wireless option to connect your printer to the available devices since it is easy for you to print at the comfort of your place.

How to connect Brother Printer to Wifi Mac?            

Before connecting Brother Printer to Wifi of Mac kindly make sure that both the devices are connected on the same Wi-Fi network. Now kindly perform the below mentioned steps to connect your Printer to the Mac device.

  1. Open Settings in your Mac Book.
  2. Click on the option Printers & Scanners.
  3. At the below left side on the option click the Add (+) sign
  4. Now your Mac book will search for the available printer on your network, once you see Brother printer model name displayed select the same and click on Add.
  5. The printer would be added and you will be able to see the Print and Scan option  on the screen.

How to connect Brother Printer to Phone?

Connecting your Brother Printer to phone is in fact very simple than you thought. You need to connect Brother Printer and Phone to same Wi-Fi device/router.

For the same we have discussed the process on Setting up of Brother printer to Wi-Fi above. Kindly refer to section “Setup Brother Printer on Wi-Fi

Now follow below mentioned points to connect your Brother Printer to Phone:

  1. Connect your Brother Printer to the wireless router/access point of your home.
  2. Now connect your mobile device to the same wireless router/access point since it would act as a medium to communicate and take print commands is the reason both devices have to connected on the same network.
  3. Download Brother Printer app for your mobile device.
    1. For Android
    2. For Iphone
  4. After installing the app on your required device you can print anything required.

Note: The process to connect brother printer to wifi of your IPhone/Android is the same with minor operational changes. We have given the direct link to download the app according to the device you are using.

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Brother printer has become the most common printer in the market. It is because it comes with many features and easy to connect to different devices. Many people face difficulties while connecting it to laptop, Wi-Fi. The process is quite similar and following the instructions in the blog would have made your work easy in connecting the same.


How do I reset my brother’s wireless printer to connect to WIFI?

·         Press the Menu button on your printer.
·         Scroll down to network and press “OK”.
·         Now scroll down again and select “Network Reset”.
·         Press 1 or OK to confirm and let the printer reboot.

Why is my Wi-Fi light blinking on my Brother printer?

When the Wi-Fi light starts to blink, either your system is trying to connect to a wireless access point or the wireless connection is down. Turn your printer off and on again, then re-join the wireless LAN connection if the blinking doesn’t cease.

How do I connect my Brother HL l2350dw printer to Wi-Fi?

·         Firstly, switch on your printer.
·         User the UP and Down arrow key to select Network and press ok.
·         Now select WLAN and press ok.
·         Under WLAN, use the arrow key to scroll down, select Setup Wizard, and press ok.
·         Your printer will search for the Wi-Fi name or SSID. Select your Wi-Fi name and press enter to add your Wi-Fi ID and password.
. Now your printer will be connected to the Wi-Fi.

How do I reset my Brother HL l2350dw Wi-Fi?

·         Press Menu on your printer keypad.
·         Select Network under Menu and click OK.
·         Select “Network Reset”.
·         Press Ok.

Where is the reset button on my Brother printer?

To reset your printer’s settings, you will have to scroll and navigate from settings. These days’ printers do not have Reset button in specific.

How to change toner in brother printer?

 .       Open the front area.
 .        Remove the drum unit.
 .        Press the green lever to release the toner cartridge from the drum unit.
 .       Now snap your new toner cartridge into the drum unit.
 .        Carefully slide back the drum in the printer.
 .        Close the front door.
 .       Wait for the printer to recalibrate.

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