11 Steps to Fix Brother Printer Not Connecting To WiFi

Yes, it’s annoying if your brother printer is not connecting to Wi-Fi.

After all, there is so much a printer can do. You need to print images, text, graphics, books and what not.

Especially when you are struggling with any deadline, any type of malfunctioning in your brother Wifi printer can be frustrating.

Right? No, it’s not right because there is no need to be so negative about this situation, let’s understand that it is not a big problem.

The state of your wireless network health directly affects how well your Brother printer connects.

Following our troubleshooting methods of connectivity issues mentioned below:

Why my Brother printer not connecting to WiFi ?

Before, you delve into the solutions; let’s know the causes of this problem and the problem will be solved effortlessly.

Following are the usual reasons if your brother printer not connecting to WiFi.

Let’s take a look.

Check stability of your WiFi connection

brother printer will not connect to wifi

Check for your internet connection to make sure it is working properly i.e stable connection. Connect other devices to WiFi router, if they are working fine, it means the problem is with the printer only.

Check compatibility of printer and WiFi security protocol

why is my brother printer not connecting to wifi

Sometimes in case of older printer models, the printing device does not support the new security protocol of Wi-Fi.

Restart your printer and Wireless router

Restart your printer and router

Always the easiest way to solve this issue that works many times. Turn off your printing device and wireless router for a few minutes and this may fix the problem.

Check for error message

brother printer connected to wifi but not printing

In the hurry to do your work, you may not notice that your printer is showing an error message. You can obtain Brother’s support or printer manual to check the same.

Antivirus/Firewall may interfere

Antivirus/Firewall may interfere

Try this method as it works many times. Disable any antivirus or firewall software on your computer system. They may be blocking the printer from working. Check the same from Firewall settings.

Verify WiFi credentials

Verify WiFi credentials

Typos or mistakes in entering password or printer name may cause this problem. Check both the things to get sure about the accuracy of these two.

Bring printer and Wireless router closer

Bring printer and router closer

A long distance between the wireless device can cause unstable Wi-Fi network. Bring your brother printer closer to the Wi-Fi router and see if it works.

Check for firmware updates

Check for firmware updates

If you have updated any printer firmware or have overlooked any firmware update, take an action now. Update the firmware and printer driver, as it solves the problem sometimes. Outdated printer drivers here may cause the issue.

Look for printer connectivity and Wireless settings

Look for printer settings

Check your printer settings to make sure that your brother printer is Wi-Fi enabled. Also make sure that it is connected to the correct network. Check Wi-Fi settings also once.

Factory reset

Factory reset brother

If despite trying above methods your brother printer not connecting to Wi-Fi, try factory reset. But don’t forget that factory settings will erase all printer settings specially all the network settings.

Last resort, seek Brother Support

Last resort, seek Brother Support

If nothing is working, it is the last option for every brother printer user. Contact Brother Support and you will surely get the relevant solution.

Note: Also you can connect with your Internet service provider or router manufacturer to assist you further.

How to connect Brother printer to Wi-Fi connection?

Below is the connection process to connect the Brother printer to Wi-Fi network:

  • Make sure your wireless printer is properly connected with USB Cable, Power cord and turned ON.
  • You need the network name or SSID (Service Set Identifier) to connect the brother printer to Wi-Fi. If not this, you need to know the network password for the purpose.
  • After knowing the password or network name, reset the wireless card.
  • To reset the wireless card, press the menu and then select your network
  • Now select the option of ‘select network reset’ and then press OK
  • Now your wireless card will reset to configure wireless connection on printer
  • After that, you need to select your network
  • Press WLAN , press Ok and then select the setup wizard
  • When WLAN enables displays on screen press OK
  • You will see two option ‘On’ and ‘Off’ , press ‘On’
  • Your brother machine will automatically search your network name or a list of network name will display from where you need to select your network name by pressing OK
  • The display screen will show two options to choose from either WPS(Wi-Fi protected set-up) or AOSS (Alternate Operating System Scanner)
  • Press ‘2’ and the display will show the option to enter your network password.
  • Enter the password then press OK.
  • Your brother printer is now connected to WiFi network.

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Brother printers have always been user-friendly and with a little insight into the details, you can easily connect them to Wi-Fi.

In case of any issues like Software Issues, Wifi Issues, Network-Related issues, you can follow the comprehensive solution guide above to solve the problem.

Besides, support from official website of Brother and customer support is always there to enlighten you. However if you want to troubleshoot your brother printer in detail kindly check assistme360.com

Frequently Asked Question’s (FAQ’s)

Why is my Brother printer not connecting to WiFi?

Possible causes include unstable WiFi connection, compatibility issues with the printer’s security protocol, or an error message on the printer. It could also be due to interference from antivirus/firewall software or incorrect Wi-Fi credentials.

How can I resolve the issue of my Brother printer not connecting to WiFi?

First, ensure your WiFi connection is stable. Then, check for compatibility with the printer’s security protocol. Try restarting the printer and router, and verify any error messages. Disable antivirus/firewall temporarily and check Wi-Fi credentials. Bring the printer and router closer, update firmware, and check printer settings. As a last resort, consider a factory reset or seek support from Brother.

How do I connect my Brother printer to WiFi?

To connect the Brother printer to WiFi, obtain the network name (SSID) and password. Reset the wireless card by selecting the network reset option. Choose your network, enable WLAN, and select your network name. Enter your network password, and the printer will be connected to WiFi.

Are Brother printers user-friendly for WiFi connection?

Yes, Brother printers are user-friendly when it comes to connecting to WiFi. With the provided steps and insights, you can easily establish the connection. The official Brother website and customer support are also available for assistance if needed, but self-reliance is encouraged.

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