Why my HP Printer not printing in Color ?

HP Printer is one of the prominent printer brand all over the world and if you face any kind of issues like HP Printer not printing in color then whole point of keeping a printer become worthless.

With such a renowned and reliable printer brand no one can guarantee if issues can still be avoided like any other equipment.

So if your HP Printer is not printing in color then you are at the right place since we have tried to list the tested solution that works for the problem.

Just like to share one instance here, similar issue was being faced by normal guy.

He then connected with HP and they mostly uninstall and reinstall the drivers and if the problem remains the same they tell you to connect with Microsoft since they believe it is a Windows problem.

And when you connect with Microsoft customer support team they clearly convey it is “HP Printer Problem”

All in all, the customer here suffers the most so we took the initiative and researched the real reason of the error and tried to list the most possible solution for the same error.

How to fix HP Printer not printing in color issue?

There are several steps here to try and solve the issue:

Check for the INK Level in Your Cartridge

This is the first step to follow and check on printer control panel, if the quality of your color prints have faded over time then you need to check the INK Levels of your Cartridge.

if hp printer not printing in color then Check for the INK Level in Your Cartridge

However, if INK Levels are fine and you are still facing issue check for further points.

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Check for Color Ink Cartridge in Particular

Make sure to always purchase the original Cartridges from HP Store and check documents on compatibility. And follow the process to check in specific color cartridges.

if hp printer not prinitng in color then Check for Color Cartridge in Particular
  • Open the cover of your HP Printer and remove the color cartridge
  • You need to make sure that correct cartridge has been installed i.e remove the tape from the cartridge nozzle.
  • Now insert the cartridge back firmly in the carriage and close the latch.
  • Close the printer door and try printing again.

Check the Settings

  • Open the File menu of the Software application that you are using for print.
  • Click on Print option.
  • You need to check and make sure that your Printer Name is getting displayed under the Name box. In case it is necessary drop-down list to select your printer.
  • Now click on the Properties button.
  • Check the options on the Property Tab to make sure the appropriate color options are selected. Also check Printing Preferences in case.
  • If you see the checkmark on the grayscale option “Print in Grayscale” click on the box to remove the checkmark and then click ok. We need to ensure that the grayscale option is not selected

Print using a different Software

  • Open the same file that you want to print in color using a different software.
  • Or you can create a new print in color using an alternate software.
  • If the file gets printed in color, then the original software/file may be corrupted.

Re-install the current Printer driver

May be due to the corrupt printer driver installed on your computer you are facing the issue. So in this below settings we will have to re-install the printer driver

  • Now click on the Printer Option and enter your HP Printer model number.
if hp printer not printing in color then reinstall the driver
  • Select your operating system.
hp printer not printing in color then download the driver

  • Now click on “Download” option and let the browser download the software.
if hp printer not printing in color then download and install the driver
  • Open the downloaded file and click on next.
install the driver to resolve hp printer not printing in color
  • After that follow the on-screen instruction in the window to install driver
  • At last the install option appears select the option to install the driver.
  • After few minutes your driver will be installed.

Once reinstalled you can check the driver name by opening drivers tab properties under Devices and Printers via run command( Windows +R) key combo.

Also a green tick will appear on the printer icon indicating that its is set as default and ready for use. If it is not set as default then kindly follow the next step to set your printer as default.

Set your HP Printer as ‘Default’

It is very important to make sure that your HP Printer is set as Default all the times. The same can be done by following below mentioned steps :

  • Open the RUN (Windows Icon +R) dialog box and type “Control Panel” then click OK.
  • Now click on “Devices and Printers” option.
  • You will see the list of available devices, right click on your HP Printer and click “Set as default printer” option. After the same close the window of Devices and Printers.
  • Now you can see a green tick will appear on your HP Printer icon indicating that the printer is set as default and ready to use.

These steps can resolve the issue HP Printer connected but not printing issue.

Customize the Color Theme & Color Options

This can be also one of the major reason why HP Printer is not printing in color majorly due to incorrect print settings. Follow the below mentioned steps to resolve the problem.

For HP Color Laser Printers (Windows)

Follow these initial two steps to configure your printer’s color theme and options:

  • Select Print from the program menu.
  • Select Properties or Preferences after selecting your printer.
1. Modifying the Color Theme

1.1 Locate the Color Themes drop-down list by clicking on “Advanced”

1.2 Choose from among available themes that are offered:

  • None
  • Photo (sRGB): Because of their increased saturation and depth of color, they are the best choices for printing images.
  • Photo (Adobe RGB 1998): When printing digital images, this option is utilized to use AdobeRGB colors rather than sRGB. If you select this, your printer’s color management must be turned off.
  • Default (sRGB):In raw device mode, this setting produces RGB colors on paper.
  • Vivid (sRGB):Perfect for printing commercial graphics since it makes the midtones more saturated.
2. Configure Color Settings
  • Go to Paper/Quality.
  • From the Color field, select Color.

For HP Inkjet Printers

(a) On Windows OS

  • Depending on your software program, select Properties, Preferences, Printer, Printer Setup, or Options from the Print window.
  • Modify the Print Quality settings. To improve print quality, select Best, Normal, or Draft. Make sure you don’t have the grayscale option chosen.

(b) On macOS

  • Choose Media & Quality or Paper Type/Quality from the Print window.
  • The print quality can be raised using the Quality option.

What are the main reasons why HP Printer is not printing in color?

We have listed most of the possible reasons to as why an HP Printer is not printing in color:

  • HP Printer INK Cartridges issues i.e they are empty or running on low levels
  • Clogged Print Nozzles and dirty cartridges
  • Incorrect Printer Settings
  • Incorrect Print Settings
  • Color Printing Disabled
  • Corrupt Printer Software

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Alternate methods to FIX HP Printer not printing in Color Issue

There are some of the alternate methods to try in case you are facing issues with your HP Printer

  • Always Install and Use Genuine INK Cartridges
  • Check the Paper : Many plain paper has printing and non-printing sides so make sure to check and place the correct side of the paper on the printer.
  • Always check Print Settings : If you are facing any kind of issue recheck with the Print Settings, in case if you are using MAC or WINDOWS.
  • Check the Remaining INK Levels
  • Replace Low or near to empty INK Cartridge issues
  • Print a Quality Diagnostic Page : This option will help you detect any kind of printing errors related to your printer easily.
  • Check and clean the area thoroughly around ink nozzles
  • Clean the INK Cartridges
  • If you find any problematic INK Cartridge replace the same.
  • Service the Printer : If your printer is under warranty you should always connect with HP for service otherwise you can just refer here and check your personal dashboard and documents on compatibility.

Once you perform above functions kindly review a plain paper for print quality report to check the test patters for missing colors, fading and white lines.


Following the article you can bid farewell to black and white prints and embrace the rainbow of colors that your HP Printer was designed to. We have tried mentioning the most possible reasons and solution to as why someone is not able to take the prints in color with their HP Printer.

Alternatively you can also refer to HP Support Forums.

Frequently Asked Question’s (FAQ’s)

How can I update my Printer driver ?

Go to HP website, enter your printer name/model number. Now click on the download driver/software option. Select you operating system and click on download option. Open the downloaded file and follow the onscreen instruction to install the file.

How to clean my print nozzles ?

Open the printer cover. Locate the print nozzles, they can be found underside of the print cartridge. You can use a soft cloth to gently wipe the dirt from the print nozzles and close the printer cover at last.

How can I check my INK Levels ?

To check the INK Levels of your printer you need to print the test page. Click on File then print, select HP printer from the list, click on properties now click the color tab and print test page.

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