How to connect your phone to a printer via Wi-fi or Bluetooth ?

Gone are the days when connecting a phone to a printer was impossible and you had to first send the item that is in the phone to a computer that was connected to a printer.

Printing instructions can also be given right from your handy device. People are confused about the process due to the variety of mobile phones and printers.

Both android and iPhone users are unclear about the right procedure to connect to a printer.

But there is nothing to worry about if you also have any confusion about it. The information below will cover and clarify all your doubts by describing the right procedure.  

Two major methods to connect a phone to a printer

If you want to print directly from your phone, you need to choose from the two primary ways of connecting a mobile to a printer. 

  1. Wi-Fi
  2. Bluetooth

Both options work on Android as well as iOS devices and the procedure is as simple as a piece of cake.

If you are following the right procedure, within a few minutes you can connect the two devices and can take the print. 

How to connect an android to a printer via Wi-Fi?

Irrespective of your iPhone model or brand, there is a generic process that all android users follow to connect to a printer.

In this section, you can learn connecting the two devices through wi-fi.  

How to connect a phone to a printer via Wi-Fi?

While connecting through Wi-Fi, your phone will ask you to find a printer that is in connect to the Wi-Fi network similar to the phone.

Nowadays, all major printer brands support android devices. The mobile phone and the printing device need to be on the same network. Otherwise, you will not be able to get a printout. 

To connect the phone to the printer –

  •  Go to phone settings 
  • Search for ‘printing’ and select from the suggested results. 
  • Tap ‘printing’ from the list of connection preferences 
  • Now select the ‘default print service’ and swipe right to turn it on
  • A list of all the compatible printers will appear on your phone screen 
  • Select your printer 
  • Now tap ‘print’ and take your printout from the printer. 

How to connect an android to a printer via Bluetooth?

Now that you are clear about the first method of connecting a phone through Wi-Fi, it is time to know about the second method.

You can easily connect your android phone to your printer via Bluetooth as well. 

How to connect a phone via Bluetooth? (A simple process)

Connecting a phone to a printer through Bluetooth is much simpler than doing the same through Wi-Fi.

Yes, the process is absolutely simple and, in a few steps, you can do it. Let’s take a look at the below-mentioned process and learn how to connect a phone via Bluetooth. 

  • Switch on the printer’s Bluetooth scanning function. It is advisable to read the manual given to your printer because every model or printer brand does it differently. 
  • While your printer is scanning, open your phone’s settings and tap on the option ‘connected devices’ and then select ‘pair new device’. It helps to scan and detect devices that are under the Bluetooth range. 
  • Soon you will be able to see your printer’s name on your phone screen, after which, you will need to tap on the option ‘connect’. 
  • Once you select your printer’s name, it will show the window with the ‘print’ option and you can take a printout. 

How to Connect an iPhone or iOS device to a printer via Wi-Fi?

Apple devices are widely use across the globe for their great performance and also user-friendliness.

It means, if you have an iPhone and want to connect it to a printer, you can do that very easily through a simple procedure. 

How to Connect an iPhone to a printer via Wi-Fi?

When it comes to iPhone, a printer should be supported by AirPrint as it is the Apple-invented technology to connect a printer from an iPhone. 

  • Connect your printer to your home network. Your printer manual will surely have a guide on how to open the settings and connect it to your Wi-Fi connection. 
  • Turn on the ‘AirPrint’ option in the printer settings. 
  • Now, open the picture or document that you want to print and tap on the share icon. (The icon with a square and an arrow pointing up is the share icon.)
  • Scroll down the screen to select the print option and the printer options will show on your screen. It means you will see the connected printers. The option will show on the top of the screen to select your printer.
  • Tap and select your printer and then tap print and your printing device will give a printout of the document or picture or webpage etc. 

How to connect an iPhone to a printer via Wi-Fi without AirPrint?

Not all printers support AirPrint technology but in that case, too you can connect your iPhone to the printer.

You can try the following things to print without the Apple inc. technology in your phone. 

  • You can download the manufacturer’s printing app from your app store. These apps are free of cost and can connect you to the iPhone. 
  • You can download the manufacturer’s app from the app store. Search for the brand in the app store and follow the steps to connect once you download it. 

Note – Some apps allow the user to print documents and printers from the app, on the other hand, some apps allow you to add a shortcut that shows on the share section of your iPhone. 

You can also connect the phone to a printer via third-party apps like Printopia.

The process to connect to the printer will be more or less similar however, additional features or interfaces can be different. 

How to Connect an iPhone or iOS device to a printer via Bluetooth?

Technically it is not possible to connect an iPhone to a printer through Bluetooth.

Even Apple inc. has no update on it, in the future, if anything gets introduce to the market, you will surely see a guide here. 

How to connect a phone to the HP printer?

HP is a popular brand due to its technology that keeps enhancing with the latest technology, which is why a hp printer can connect to a phone quite easily.

Take a look at the process below and learn how to connect a phone to a hp printer

  • Connect your printer and phone with the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Now download and install the HP print service plugin on the android phone. 
  •  Tap on the dropdown menu to initiate the printing process. The dropdown shows the options of share, export, and print. 
  • Tap the printer icon to initiate the printing process from your connected printer. 
  • Lastly, tap print, and your printer will give a printout. 

How to connect a phone to a printer Canon?

A quick glance at the steps below will clarify how to connect a phone to a canon printer.

Once you are familiar with the procedure, you will be able to print from your Canon printing device.

The process below is applicable for android as well as iOS devices. 

  • Firstly ,you need to download and install the Canon print app from the App store for iOS and Google play store for android phones. 
  • The printer switch should be properly plugged into the switchboard. 
  • Now check the Wi-Fi signal or icon on your printer, it should show blue light. 
  • Now, go to the canon printing app
  • Tap on the option add printer shown on the screen. 
  • Now tap register printer and then printer set up 
  • Tap on the options connection via the wireless router 
  • Choose the wireless network name or access point that you want to select
  • Enter the password for Wireless and press ok 
  • You will see a pop-up once the canon is connected to the network. Press Ok. 
  • Select the printer’s name and your phone will be connected to it. 
  • At last Press ok and then you can run a print test to confirm that your phone is connected.

How to connect a phone to an Epson printer?

Get ready to follow a straightforward process because your phone can easily be in connect to an Epson printer.

Take a look and next time when you connect the two devices, you will not need help to do this work. 

  • Firstly go to the play store and download and install the Epson print service. 
  • Tap on the printer to connect your printer to the wi-fi network. 
  • Once connected open the photos/document/webpage you want to print. 
  • Lastly tap on the picture/ document and then tap on print and your task is complete. 

How to connect a phone to a wireless printer?

Even connecting your phone to a wireless printer is an easy task with a few simple steps included in the procedure.

Take a look and read carefully about how to connect a phone to a wireless printer. 

  • Firstly go to play store and down and install your printer’s print service plugin. Every printer model has a plugin and you need that to print wirelessly. 
  • Now tap on the option of the printer and you will be able to connect your desired printer to the wi-fi network. 
  • Once the printer is connected open the app from where you want to print an item for example photos, documents, etc. 
  • Tap on the document you want to print and then tap on the print option and the printing device will give a print. 

How do I connect my android phone to my printer?

As you read, none of the above-mentioned procedures were difficult.

Similarly, here again, you can try the simplest process and can understand how do I connect my android phone to my printer. 

  • Firstly go to phone settings to connect to the default print service
  • Search for printing and select it from the shown options or results.
  • Now tap on the option of printing shown in the list of connection preferences. 
  • Select the default print device and swipe it right to turn it on. 
  • All compatible printers will appear on the screen 
  • Select your printer and tap print and you will get the printout. 

How to connect a printer to a phone with a USB?

Again, you are about to read an absolutely understandable process for a popular query on how to connect a printer to a phone with a USB. 

  • Firstly, you will need to have a USB on-the-go cord. 
  • Ensure that your printer hardware is also ready to connect 
  • USB cord will have to be connected to the printer. 
  • Your phone should be able to support on-the-go (OTG) cords, as not all phone support it. 
  • Now turn on your printer 
  • One end of the cable (USB) needs to connect to the printer as well as another end will connect to the USB OTG. After that, connect the other end of the OTG USB to your android phone. 
  • Now a plug-in will pop up on your phone. 
  • Now you can tap ok to activate the printing process
  • Go to the document or picture you want to print. In the case of a photo, tap more and then tap print, and then your job is done. In the case of a document, select more and then tap share and then print. 

How to print from phone to printer?

Are you also struggling with this question? Don’t worry, the solution is right here in the short and easy steps mentioned below.  

  • You need to first set up your printer on your phone. 
  • Go to settings, now search for printing in the search bar.
  • A list of printers will show on your mobile screen and you need to select your printer. In case, your printer name does not appear, tap on cloud print and then more, and then add printer.
  • Add the printer to the cloud print. You may need to type the name and IP number of your printer if you don’t find its name here. 
  • Once your printer is added you can start printing.   

How to find my printer on my phone?

You can do it in a few seconds and take out the print even while listening to music on your phone. 

  • Open the phone settings app
  • Tap on connected devices 
  • Now tap on connection preferences 
  • Tap on printing 
  • Now tap add service  
  • Now enter your printer information 
  • Now again open your phone’s settings app
  • Tap on connected devices then connection preferences 
  • Select the default printer and swipe right to turn it on. 
  • The compatible printer devices will show on the screen 
  • Select the printer and tap on the print option. 

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The little encyclopedia above should be sufficient to guide you on all the necessary aspects of connecting a phone to various printer models.

One and only conclusion of all the information is that the task that you sometimes consider difficult is not at all complicated.

Just a little bit of knowledge of the basic steps and the curiosity to explore the solution are two sufficient tools to connect your phone to a printer. For sure, you are an expert now in the task described above. 


How do I connect my phone to my wireless printer?

Connect your phone to your wireless printer through a straightforward process mentioned below –
Turn on the wireless printer.
Turn on Bluetooth on your android phone or device. 
Scan for your printing device in the Bluetooth settings of your android device. 
Verify the printer’s serial number or name. 
your device will be connected and you will have to enter the passcode.
once you enter the passcode the device is ready to print.

Why is my phone not finding my printer?

There can be several reasons behind it. The usual reasons are mentioned below – 
Reason 1 – Check your printer connection status and confirm that the wireless signal is on. 
Reason 2 – Your printer may be connected to a network different from your phone. 
Reason 3 – Maybe you have not placed the papers properly in the printer

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